7 in 1 Pro Canon Lens Cleaning Kit Price & Specs

It is the best kit that will help you to clean your lens and keep it away from dust and grime on regular basis. It is also helpful in removing hard spots from surface of the lens by a retractable brush. The kit also has lens cleaning fluid,  lens tissues, microfiber clothe and blister pack. This kit is the best option for those who needs the solution of the lens cleaning. It can easily fit in a coat pocket or in camera bag.

The features of this cleaning kit are below.

  • Air blower: There is air blower in the kit which is use to remove dust and large particles those might scratch the lens surface and coating.
  • Brushes are used for removing the dust away.
  • Micro fiber cloth scientifically designs fiber for efficient cleaning. It is best for lenses and LCD screens.
  • Lens cleaning fluid with the premium grade lens cleaning tissue, just put few drop of fluid over the tissue which will remove the spots, oil spots and dried water spots easily.  This fluid is specifically formulated for the coated lenses.
  • Sensor Swab is specially design for cleaning the CCD surface which is highly fragile.  This is specifically design for CCD chips and other imaging surfaces.
  • Cotton Swans are used for cleaning viewfinder.
  • It is about 24xcm15.5cmx7cm in size.
  • The weight is about 175 gram.



Dimensions (DxL)
Dimension 24xcm15.5cmx7cm
Wight is about 180