VSGO Camera Cleaning Travel Kit

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VSGO Camera Cleaning Travel Kit Price & Specs

This travel edition includes 30ml lens cleaner, 1 lens cleaning pen, 1 mini air blower, 5 microfiber cleaning cloth (15x15cm), 1 suede cloth (15x12cm), 10 wet wipes. Lens cleaner is 100% safe for cleaning multi-coated lens. The screen cleaner could be used to clean all kinds of sensitive optical surfaces. Ultrafine microfiber cleaning cloth is anti-static treated. Each cloth is laser cut. No fiber drop and lint-free during cleaning process. The portable air blower fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to squeeze. Concentrated air stream is strong enough to blasters dust and dirt off the sensor, lens and screen. The water-proof bottle container has an aluminum carabineer clip(hook to your backpack or belt loop). Keeps the equipment clean and dry in any tough weather.    


  • Lens cleaner 30mm x 1 pcs
  • Microfiber Lens clening cloth x 5 pcs
  • Mini Air blower x 1 pcs
  • Wet wipes x 10 pcs
  • Lens cleaning pen x 1 pcs
  • Microfiber suede cleaning cloth x 1 pcs


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