VSGO Camera Cleaning Wipes (60pcs)

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VSGO Camera Cleaning Wipes (60pcs) Price & Specs

VSGO wet wipe feature: each wet wipe is pre-moistened with patent anti-static and cleaning solution that provide cleansing protection for your electronics. each wipe is made of 100% wood pulp Tissue, lint-free. our wipes are efficient for cleaning eyeglasses, cell phones, CD, watch, glass, camera lenses, iPad, mirror, LCD/ LED/ TFT/ plasma screens. It provides great convenience As each wipe is individually packed warnings: single use only, Please use New wipes as needed. keep Out of reach of children.


  • Every cleaning wipe is pre-moistened and individually packed
  • VSGO wet wipes are made of 100% wood pulp Tissue. safe for delicate optical surface. Lint-free and streak-free
  • Efficient for removing fingerprints, oil stain, dust and smudges
  • Advanced formula prevents bacteria from growing
  • Alcohol and ammonia free, anti-static