Reward Points

Rewards start from just 1 BnW point, so you'll be redeeming them in next to no time. Just follow the simple steps below.

At BnW Collections we’re always looking for new ideas and ways to build and strengthen our relationship with new and existing customers. With that in mind, we have now started our exclusive BNW Collections rewards program which is available immediately to start collecting reward points.

Our new programme has been carefully put together to enable you to earn reward points with every purchase made on the BNW Collections website. Even better, there is no waiting time, you can start redeeming your points straight away.

We have put together a collection of our most frequently asked questions about our programme below however, a customer representative is just a phone call away if you need any assistance.

What is the BnW Collections Rewards program?

BnW Collections Rewards points are our way of saying a BIG Thank you for buying products through

Why do I need Rewards points?

Through countless interactions with our customers, we know that you like to save money and our Rewards points system does just that. Everytime you purchase from our website, you can save your points up to get the things you want for free or you can pay for part of your order with points to get a discount.

Great, so how do I earn Rewards points?

Earning reward points with us is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is purchase a qualifying product on our website. Each one of our qualifying products has its own reward points mentioned, and when purchased these points are added into your account as reward points, after the successful delivery of your order.

What’s the monetary value of my Rewards points?

Every BnW Collections rewards point is equivalent to Rs.1.00. You can use your rewards points balance to reduce your checkout total and spend less. For example, you have 200 BnW Reward points in your account therefore; the equivalent redeemable amount is Rs.200. You can use up to 1000 reward points at any one time, per purchase.

Where and how can I redeem my points?

The first thing to note is that our reward points are only valid for purchases on and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer outside of our website.

Once you have selected your purchases, and are ready to checkout, you can apply your earned BnW rewards points to your checkout cart total. If you for any reason you do not have enough qualifying reward points to deem your purchase as free, you can choose any of our payment options to pay the remaining balance on your transaction.

BnW Rewards are only redeemable on our website. Note: Please always ensure that you apply your earned points before heading to the payment gateway, so that you are paying for the final discounted amount only. We cannot apply reward points after payment has been made.

OK, I’ve checked my points and it shows “In Progress” what does that mean?

When logging into your account and checking your reward point balance, if the status shows “In Progress” this basically means that reward points are not available for redemption until it has been reviewed by a BnW administrator before being applied as credit to your account. We are very thorough in checking all orders qualify. However, rest assured, this process is usually fairly quick and doesn’t take long.

How do I know the status of my Reward points or check my balance?

You can check you reward point’s balance 24/7/365 through our website by logging into your account. You will find your balance under the “My Rewards Summary” section.

Do I need to be a member of BnW Collections to collect points?

Yes. In order to start collecting points you will need to have either purchased an order with us before or created an account which is 100% free. All future reward point earnings will automatically be added to your account. Sign up today!

Do my points have an Expiry date?

No! You can enjoy unlimited shopping with us and there is no expiry date on your reward points that you collect with us. In addition unlike some competitors, there is no timeline for redemption of earned reward points. The only limitation is that your reward points cannot be transferred to different customers or a different account.

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