Boya BY-M1 Microphone

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Boya BY-M1 Microphone Price in Pakistan

We are the only online shop where you will find best Boya By-M1 Microphone price in Pakistan. This is one of few things you need if you want to step up the sound quality of your videos. Boya is known for the accurate and clear sound quality of their mics.  Fully compatible with cameras,smartphones, audio recorders, PCs, and more. Lightweight, portable, and easy to carry with other equipment. Ideal for Beginners or people who make standstill videos.

You need quality sound if you are recording podcasts or personal videos at a single location. This mic works perfectly fine with both new and old camera-models. People who aren’t satisfied with the sound their cameras produce and looking for a cheap alternative; this is your go-to device. It comes with a single push on/off button and works fine in noisy situations. It is capable of reducing wind noise when you are moving or recording in a windy area.

BOYA BY-M1 clip-on omni directional Lavalier microphone is designed especially for video use and provides accurate and clear voice reproduction.
It is also compatible with many smart phones and just not only for cameras. The newscaster-style design gives effective omni directional pickup pattern.
It delivers very clearest record sounds and is very lightweight, specially designed for optimum portability.

Don’t worry to get caught in muffled and mushy sound again as this microphone is the workhorse. Very useful for podcasts and interviews. Its microphone performance is much better than most built-in camera microphones.

Wind muff is also included if you are using in breezy condition or moving in speed.

Tie-clip for handy mounting.

  • For smartphone
  • Switch off the microphone and slide the ON/OFF up to OFF/Smartphone.
  • The power is shut down.
  • For DSLR, Audio Recoders, PC, Camcorders
  • Switch on the microphone and then slide ON/OFF up to ON.


  • Handling noise is low
  • Condenser microphone of omni directional
  • Clip-On Mic for DSLR, Camcorders, Smartphones, Audio recorders.
  • ¼” adapter includes lapel clip form windscreen.