BOYA BY-M1 Pro Lavalier Mic for Smartphones and Cameras

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BOYA BY-M1 Pro Lavalier Mic for Smartphones and Cameras Price & Specs



Boya by M1 pro is a universal lavalier microphone. It is a high-quality condenser microphone and is ideal for smartphones DSLR camcorder audio recorders and computers. It has a low handling noise; including a level clip and LR44 battery, a phone ring screen, and a quarter-end adapter. As it is being fed into the device, it provides a great way to monitor your audio and the cool thing is that this has a -10 sound attenuation. It means that you can lower the audio through the microphone. 

 is budget-friendly. As always Boya released very high-value products. The price you pay for this product  may be low but the quality is very top-notch.

If you are thinking about creating videos perhaps you are a YouTuber, the quality of your audio plays a huge part in your videos. If you are starting out or want to upgrade with an onboard mic, this lavalier mic from Boya is a must-have. So the Boya by M1 Pro level mic is a small microphone that you clip onto your top inside or out and then you plug it into your audio device. 

As it is an omnidirectional condenser mic, it also includes a headphone port for monitoring the audio. There is also a fine windscreen provided, it helps to reduce some external audio. As per performance, the Boya by M1 Pro mic in Pakistan works very well and delivers a very promising bass level. 

If you are at the event with hundreds of people around you it should help reduce the audio around and focus on your voice as well.


●     Condenser microphone

●     Omnidirectional pattern

●     Detachable cable

●     Powered mic

●     LR44 battery



●     Frequency: 65 Hz-18kHz

●     Sensitivity: -30 db

●     Sampling rate:

●     Cable length: 6 meters

●     Connectors: 3.5mm


●     Sound attenuation: -10