Boya BY-M2 Microphone For iPhone

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Boya BY-M2 Microphone For iPhone Price & Specs

BOYA has launched dozens of lavalier microphones, and BOYA BY-M2 is one of the exceptional products throughout the series.
Preferring a lavalier microphone can be challenging, but we provide a reasonable
When you are outside, this is very important if you are vlogging or producing videos; you often get many environmental sounds that can make it very hard to discern the vocals.
The newscaster style design gives the omnidirectional pickup pattern, so you don't have to worry about the muffled and mushy sound caught in the video.

It is a plug and play microphone that will recognize the device no matter what software you are using and pick up the microphone as an input. Just plug and play and get access to much better audio for your video recording, podcast, or live streams.

Having a you will get the microphone itself, which has a generous lengthy 6-meter cable, which is by far the most extended line that comes along a microphone. The most exciting thing about the cable is that it is composed of two parts; therefore, you are capable of detaching the lightning cable, and if you want, you can plug male 3.5 to 3.5 TRS cable and use a microphone in a standard 3.5 audio input that you would find on any audio recorder, DSLR, mirrorless camera or in iPhones.

This microphone has extra functionality that allows you to use it as your microphone, and beyond that, you could also use it for all of your streaming purposes.


●     Condenser microphone

●     Omnidirectional pattern

●     MFI certified lightning connector output

●     Detachable cable

●     No battery required


●     Frequency response: 50Hz-20kHz

●     Sensitivity: -40db- ±3db

●     Bit rate: 16-24bits

●     Sampling rate: 44.1-48 kHz

●     Cable length: 6m  

The BY-M2 is a lavalier microphone for iOS devices with a Lightning connector. The clip-on lavalier design provides a hands-free option for the talent,
while the omnidirectional pickup pattern gives the mic a forgiving quality—helping to keep the audio at consistent levels, even when the talent turns away from the capsule.
The mic offers low handling noise and minimal proximity effect, keeping unwanted low end under control even at close range. With a wide frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz,
the electret condenser element can handle a variety of speaking and presenting styles. The BY-M2 is powered by your iOS device, so no battery is required.

The versatile design lets you detach the mic and use the 19.7' cable as a male 3.5mm TRS to Lightning adapter cable—allowing you to connect other devices to your iPhone, iPad, or compatible iOS device.
A carrying pouch, a foam windscreen, and a lapel clip are included.