Blackmagic Design URSA 4K v1 Digital Cinema Camera (EF Mount)

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Rs 540,000

Blackmagic Design URSA 4K v1 Digital Cinema Camera (EF Mount) Price & Specs

  • 3840 x 2160p Global shutter CMOS sensor.
  • Twelve stops of dynamic range.
  • 1080p Flip-Out 10.1 inches LCD screen.
  • Dual 5” touch screens to Access the menu.
  • Records Cinema DNG RAW and ProRes.
  • 12G-SDI Output for 10-Bit 4:2:2 4K.
  • 2 x XLR Audio Inputs having Phantom power.
  • Aluminum frame with 3/8”-16 mounting.
  • Dual fast 2 card slots.
  • LANC port for STOP/START, focus, Iris.

The URSA 4K v1 Digital Cinema Camera having PL Mount from Black magic Design characteristics a form factor which is designed to use on all sizes of productions starting from a single operator to a full camera crew. At the heart of imaging system, URSA 4k has 3840 x 2160 resolutions, CMOS sensor with dynamic range of 12 stops. The camera outputs and records in 2160p format, 16:9 standards with accurately 4 times the resolution of 1080 pixels, often refer to as Ultra HD.

URSA can record in 2 formats. The first one is 12-bit Cinema DNG RAW, a lossless compressed RAW codec design to provide you the greatest latitude for image operation in post production. The second one is Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), a debayered codec for simpler playback and editing a wide range of applications used to edit videos. They also need less storage room for extra recording times. Video is recorded in CFast 2.0 memory cards, and camera characteristics 2 slots enables you to hot swap media files regularly, uninterrupted recording.

URSA has a 10.1inches having 1080p resolution flip-out LCD screen so that you don’t necessarily require an on-camera monitor. In addition to this, there are two 5 inches touch screens, on each side of the body. This allows you to reach the menu system and can show data such as time code and audio waveforms.

Supports Diverse User Groups

Starting from solo camera operator to full-scale productions, while using on jobs with a big crew, you can simply dress the camera with top quality cinema lenses, matte box, follow focus, rods and more. If you are shooting solo then the large fold out on monitor, built-in scopes and internal recorder means you don’t require any extra on-set equipment because it is built in to the camera.

Design by department

All the areas of the camera are divided in separate camera assistant, camera operator and audio engineer work stations. The station of camera operator has a large 10inches fold out on-set monitor and 5” screen of settings, scopes and camera status. The camera support station characteristics a separate screen for camera settings, scopes and status. At last the audio station features controls, audio connections and audio meters.

Professional Design and Aluminum Construction

URSA has a cooling system with less noise fan which allows it to attain higher rates of frame for longer by keeping the chassis cool. The machined aluminum structure is made to robust and is engineered with possibility that it will be by lot of people.

Super 35-Sized Global Shutter CMOS Sensor

The 4K sensor uses a global shutter so that it will be free from motion artifacts and experience of flash banding with rolling shutter sensors. It features a 12 stop dynamic range to help make sure detail is preserved even in shadow and highlighted portions of image and to give more information to work with color correction. It is possible through sensor size to reconstruct the low depth of field look more associated with film. For this size it is little bit larger than APS-C DSLR format and will hold more lenses which cover an APS-C image circle.

Dual CFast 2.0Card Slots

It is possible to record indefinitely with two card slots. Just switch to a fresh card in second slot and then remote the first to offload to a storage device or computer. It is possible to record at high bitrates by RAW capture but not dropping frames using CFast 2.0 media.

Built-In Scopes

URSA features scopes for audio levels, focus and exposure. There is a screen which is dedicated fir camera assistants so they could update and check camera parameters independently of camera operator.

Field Upgradable Sensor

The URSA provides a modular camera turret which can be removing by taking out 4 bolts. This camera includes the lens mount, lens and sensor control connections that can be upgraded in future when new kind of sensors will be developed.

Broadcast Connections

Standard BNC connectors mean you don’t have to worry about proprietary and custom cabling solutions. URSA provides a 12G-SDI output which could be down converted to HD or can be used for full Ultra HD 4K quality. There is also a 12G-SDI input that can show return video on 10inches LCD when working with external video sources or covering live events. A separate SDI output which outputs 1080pixels only is available to attach monitors and EVFs. There are 2 XLR inputs with +48V phantom power for audio. You also receive time code out and in to help sync with other separate audio recorders or cameras.


A LANC is offered on a 2.5mm sub mini connector. It enables you to control stop/start, focus and iris.

Supports Standard Battery Plates

Your choice of V-Mount battery plates or Gold Mount can be joined directly to back of the camera. On the other hand, 4-pin XLR input is available so you can use DC power source or power supply. The URSA also provides a 4-pin XLR power output so you can power a camera mounted 12V accessory without requiring an extra battery.

Lots of Mounting Points

Top of camera has number of 3/8”-16 tapped holes so you can join mounting accessories and articulating arms. There are also 1/4”-20 holes along the top of the handle which can be removing. Additionally, there is a mount for 15mm LWS-spaced rods which are on the bottom of camera. You can add accessories like matte box and follow focus after adding a pair of standard 15mm rods. A V-lock delta interface enables the camera to be joined to tripods by using an ENG-style fast release system such as VCT-14.

Software Included

  • DaVinci Resolve grading software includes Resolve USB dongle for Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Black magic Disk Speed test.

Black magic Media Express Software.