Blackmagic 4K Production Camera (PL MOUNT)

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Rs 315,000

Blackmagic 4K Production Camera (PL MOUNT) Price & Specs

  • This Blackmagic 4k production camera has a lot of unique features in it. Product highlights are
  • A 35mm super sensor with global shutter.
  • It can record HD 1920x1080 and 4k 3840x2160.
  • Dynamic range with 12 stops.
  • With PL lens mount.
  • SSD recorder.
  • Ultra HD out put through one cable.
  • 800x480 resolution touch screen.
  • Utlrascope and DaVinci are included.

This Blackmagic 4k production camera is featuring super 35mm size sensor and a PL mount.  Using 10 bit Apple ProRes 422 family codecs, this camera is capable of recording ultra HD 4k and 1080p video.  It can also record 4000x2160 resolution using 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW.  It also has built in SSD which enables it to collect high data rate.  The standards of traditional films can be achieved using 12 stops dynamic range and super 35mm sized sensors integrated with this production camera.

The Blackmagic production camera also has beautifully crafted design. It also has machined aluminum chaiss of the Blackmagic camera.  Like its predecessor, this camera has 5" touch screen with 800x480 resolution. It is helpful if you want to do playback or you want to navigate through different menus.  Using thunderbolt connection you can get the live scope in Ultrascope. It also has fully licensed DaVinci resolver software.

PL Lens mount

The PL Lens mount included with this camera enables you to use professional cinema lenses from famous manufacturers such as ARRI, Panavision, Zeiss,Cooke and Zeiss.  This mount allows you to use some highest quality vintage and modern optics.

 ProRes and Ultra HD:

This production camera can record 1080p using ProRes422 and Ultra HD 4k with the resolution of  3840x2160.  With such massive pixels, Ultra HD is providing four times higher resolution then 1080p. This camera also supports 6G SDI output which makes it eligibile for Ultra HD live production.

CinemaDNG RAW Recording :

In order to get the highest quality and post production flexibility, this camera can record compresses video which would be visually lossless. 12-bit Cinema DNG RAW recording has the resolution of 4000x2160 which gives an edge because it gives extra width to play with if you are cropping to 3840x2160 or you are trying to upscale DCI standard to 4096x2160.

SSD Recorder:

This production camera has built-in removable SSD recorder. It is easy to playback from this SSD recorder by just mounting it with a computer. After you are finished with recording just connect the SSD with computer and you are free to edit or color grade from disk.

12 Stops of Dynamic Range:

Due to 12 stops dynamic range you can easily get the amazing images those are even not possible with the high-end broadcast camera.   All of the dynamic ranges can be captured with this camera in 4k resolution thus retaining beautiful look.  You can capture a lot of details using this sensor thus you have a lot of flexibility while post production. 

Standard Connections :

This Blackmagic production camera uses standard connections so you don't need to use any custom cable for it. 6G-SDI connection is used for getting an output of Ultra HD resolution. There is a built in thunderbolt connection through which you can connection your computer and then use ultrascope software for the waveform.  It also has standard mic input that will enable you to get the high quality uncompressed audio recording.

LCD Display:

The rare touch LCD display with 800x480 resolution. This touch screen allows you to go through menus and make changes whatever you want in metadata or other settings.  Touch technology enables you to double tap the screen and zoom in or out of the image.  You just have to tap once in order to get metadata entry page where you can easily enter information such as shot number, scene number,   tags and much more. The automatic increment in metadata file can also be done by selecting few options. These metadata files will directly goes into the file and these files are also compatible with famous editing software.

Power Options:

It is also equipped with internal rechargeable battery which makes it purely portable high-resolution camera. The remaining power of the battery will be displayed on a screen and it is also compatible with the direct input of 12-30V. It means that you can operate the camera while recharging it.

Remote Control:

 The standard protocol for remote control of the camera is LANC. This production camera allows you to trigger the stop and start the recording through a remote. The remote will be connected through 2.5mm jack