Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera (EF Mount)

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Rs 200,000

Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera (EF Mount) Price & Specs

Add the timeless beauty of characteristic film excellence to your production work. Sophisticated, elegant and jam packed with the new digital technology of cinema. Black magic camera provides your work timeless feature film appearance. Black magic cinema camera features a wonderful 2.5K image sensor having wide 13 stops of dynamic range for digital film camera. You can get compatibility with quality EF or Micro four third lenses, a built-in SSD recorder, all packed into an exciting design which hand held, compressed file formats and famous open standard uncompressed RAW. There are 2 exciting models to select from depending on the mount lens you prefer.

Move Digital Film

Black magic cinema camera is a high resolution sensor with wide range. It is ideal for independent film, episodic television production and television commercials. DaVinci resolve software for windows and Mac is incorporated so you can work at the top quality and get the good results. Black magic cinema camera is a complete solution and affordable because it contains a recorder and monitoring, so it is ideal for displacing video cameras for work as in weddings, sporting events, music videos and etc.

13 stop dynamic range

Video clips from regular cameras are so cheap that you are locked in to images. Black magic Cinema Camera removes this problem as it captures a large dynamic range of 13 stops in to 12-bit DNG files, your images will look really cinematic. This maintains detail in both highlights and shadows and also handles indoor shots while saving the details of every image captured from windows. It means you can have all sensor data so you can make innovative decisions during DaVinci Resolve color rating.

Premium Quality

Attention of all details is required while creating one of the best cameras in the world. Black magic Cinema Camera’s quality design features:

  • An interchangeable optics.
  • 13 stops of dynamic range.
  •  Machined aluminum chassis.
  • High resolution 2.5K sensor.
  • 12-bit RAW uncompressed and compressed file formats.

All the aspects of image path are totally optimized for providing quality. It means you will always get the quality.