Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera (PL Mount)

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Rs 245,000

Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera (PL Mount) Price & Specs

  • Image sensor of 2.5K.
  • 13 Stops of Dynamic range.
  • ProRes, 12-bit RAW and DN x HD Formats.
  • 23.98, 25, 24, 30, 29.97p Frame Rates.
  • PL Lens Mount.
  • LCD touch screen with metadata entry.
  • Thunderbolt Port and SDI video output.
  • Records to removable SSD drives.
  • Line/MIC Audio inputs.
  • Ultra Scope and DaVinci resolve.

The black magic Design Cinema Camera has PL lens mount, 2.5K image sensor and 13 stops of Dynamic range. It is able to record 12-bit Cinema DNG RAW files full 2.5K resolution and 10-bit Apple ProRes as well as Avid DN x HD formats at 1080p. Camera records to detachable 2.5 inches SSDs, which allows the high data rates needed for ProRes HQ recording and RAW.

This camera is placed in elegant and beautiful single block of aluminum. The PL lens is compatible with much other wide range of highly professional vintage cinema lenses. The footage can be monitored in in the 5 inches rear touch screen.  Many other adjustments are also possible from there. You can easily add metadata to the shots such as filenames, keywords and shot number etc.  This feature is also a time saving in the production process.

Black magic includes full version of DaVinci resolve which is for handling high video data. It is a color correcting software for Windows and Mac.  It also has the copy of UltraScope, which can be connected to the computer through Thunderbolt. It is useful in monitoring waveforms.  One of the essential thing to keep in mind is that this camera can't format the SSD drives.

Dynamic Range:

This camera can capture wide dynamic range of about 13 stops. It can capture this 13 dynamic range into 12-bit DNG file. It will add the true filmic look and also captures all kind of details in shadow or highlights.  It is also perfect for taking indoor shots because it keeps the details of an image taken through window.  It also allows enhancing all sensors data through DaVinci color resolver.

PL Lens Mount:

The PL lens mount is very useful because it helps you in using number of professional cinema lenses made by Panavision, Zeiss, ARRI and Cooke. This PL lens mount allows you to use theses high quality camera lenses.

Capacitive Touch Screen Display:

You can playback all the shots in SSD using simple control buttons at the end of the screen.  The 5-inch screen will allow you to setting up the shot. This screen is helpful in updating camera setting and other operating functions.  A data strip along this screen helps you in recording status, battery level, ISO and time.

Metadata entry:

This Blackmagic cinema camera also has a feature of the metadata entry. It is useful in order to keep information about the compatibility with popular editing software. This will surely increase the production process by saving time and money.  It is very easy to enter in metadata, just tap on the capacitive LCD where the slate will come out and you can enter the information including shot umber, tags, timecode, scene number etc.  It is also programmed so you can just set the automatic increment in the shot number and other data that will allow your setups easy.  This metadata is alos compatible with number of famous editing software's and it is also searchable. Thus a time-consuming task of searching the specific shot will be very easy to do by using this feature.

SSD Recorder:

It has built in SSD recorder which uses 2.5" SSDs and it allows 2.5K uncompressed Cinema DNG RAW 12-bit Capture.  It also allows Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes video formats. You can easily play back from the camera as well as you can insert the disk in any computer.  You can record for more than 5 hours on a 480 GB SSD.  This allows you to shoot longer thus providing more footage to edit as well.  All the formats of files are confirmed by the open standard used by professionals of NLE softwares. It is easy to integrate with computer and it will increase your workflow by just connecting the SSD to the computer and continue the editing.


Mostly this camera uses the standarad connection without using any special custom cable.  The dual balanced microphone for recording some high quality uncompressed audio is available.   For the purpose of live productions, a 3Gb/s is provided with this Blackmagic camera.  Blackmagic also contains 12 to 30 volt of DC input for charging the battery.

Open File Formats:

This camera also uses standard format of the files, the recording of 2.5K resolution uses open CinemaDNG format which will deliver the 12 bit recording quality.  It also produces HD quality images. For getting greater compatibility you can choose 1080HD recording in DNxHD and PRoRes.

Including Software:

This Blackmagic camera have Full DaVinci resolve software with USB dongle for Windows and Mac  This software is very useful in color correction of the taken images in the process of post-production. Media express software for video capturing and UltraScope are few other software's provided with this camera.

Blackmagic 4K Production Camera (EF MOUNT)

This Blackmagic camera is used for shooting Ultra HD TV or 4k feature films.  You would be able to play with 35 size sensor with global shutter that is combined with EF mount optics.  It comes up with high quality  compressed lossless Cinema Apple ProRes422 and DNG Raw file recording.  The touch screen allows you to enter metadata and make other changes.

This production camera is very precisely engineered and developed. It is very small in size.  This beautiful design contains aluminum chasis, high-resolution 4K sensors of 35 size and visually lossless compressed files. One can record uncompressed audio by built in recorder in ProRes file, it is possible to eliminate audio syncing in post production. 

EF Compatible Lens Mount:

EF compatible lens is very useful in a way that you can use the high-quality optics through which you can take the advantage of 35 size sensor with minimum cropping.  It allows you to use the best lenses available around the world manufactured by Canon, Zeiss and other famous lens makers. EF compatible lens means that you are not bound to specific lenses, it means you can use all kind of professional lenses using this mount.

SSD recorder:

With SSD recorder this production camera can easily capture 4k in the format of CinemaDNG and ProRes422 format. Once you are finished with the shooting you can easily connect SSD to the computer and do edition of colors and other respective properties directly from the disk.