Blackmagic Design Studio Camera HD

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Rs 185,000

Blackmagic Design Studio Camera HD Price & Specs

Product major highlights are

  • It has XLR audio connections
  • it has built-in talkback
  • It  also has Built-in four hour internal battery
  • It has magnesium alloy body
  • Power connector is 4-Pin XLR
  • Optical fiber video I/O & 3G-SDI
  • It has micro four thirds lens mount
  • Its resolutions up to 1080p
  • Nave illuminated tally

It is designed for live production as it is very light weighted and compact. The camera is very durable for field use as it is very light for travel and is constructed from magnesium alloy body. It uses active micro four thirds lenses with 10” LCD screen and detachable sunshade. It also has features of large studio cameras such as XLR audio connectivity, optical fiber, talkback and much more.

You can hot swap the external batteries with the help of internal batteries which doesn’t allow the camera to turn off. It also gives 1080i and 1080p resolutions at frame rates of 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60. The built-in battery gives the power to use the camera for four hours on a single charge. For external power sources, it provides 4-Pin XLR power input.

Below viewfinder, there are camera control buttons which let you adjust it without diverting your concentration from the object. The camera can also be controlled by ATEM switchers with the future update. This update is free to download for both ATEM switchers and camera. SDI command feed receives the control commands to control the focus, iris, gain and more.


ATEM Camera control update:

This ATEM camera control update is free for blackmagic studio camera and ATEM switchers. It gives authority of the camera from ATEM switcher. By sending camera commands to the SDI program it lets you set the iris, gain and focus of the camera. From DaVinci Resolve, blackmagic took the primary color corrector. By building it in the camera, controlled by ATEM switcher. In other words, it means that adjust the images more than simple color balancing.

 View Program Video:

With this new exciting feature in the camera, you will be able to view program video just from a click of the button from your live production. Viewfinder turns into a big SDI monitor by pressing the camera’s PGM button. You can also use the program SDI input which allows you to view the playback of a local HyperDeck recorder while using blackmagic camera recording.

Illuminated Tally:

Live production switchers range on ATEM live uses tally of SDI standard in blackmagic cameras. These tally lights light up automatically once your camera is live and will stay illuminated during various cameras transitions. It has two lights one is for the talent in front and the other one is for the operator on a viewfinder. By these tally illumination both crew and cast can easily see which camera is on right now.

Multiple Mounting Points:

In order to suit your product needs, there are a variety of mounting points which helps you to customize it. On the bottom of the camera, it includes two 3/8”-16 mounting points. And on the side and top there are 10 ¼”-20 mounting points.

Hot Swappable Power:

The large built-in batteries which are included in the camera allows shooting for approximately four hours continuously. Your camera will not shut down while removing the external batteries due to these internal batteries. It uses 12V to 24V external power supplies.

Built-in talkback:

Communication is a key for teamwork and these built-in talkbacks will allow the crew member of the production to communicate with each other during the production. As it is embedded in optical, we don’t have to use external or separate talkback cables. All the cameras of a blackmagic studio are compatible with GAHC (General Aviation Headset Connections).

Optional Bi-Directional Optical Fiber Module:

After the addition of user upgradable optical fiber module, we can use the standard and less cost fiber optic cable. This fiber optic cable is used to connect the camera to the switcher over long distances. This connection carries HD video with embedded audio, tally, and talkback and also can remote contraol the camera.

Control Panel:

This device is very user-friendly and very easy to use. All the buttons which perform functionalities and are used frequently are placed just below the LCD screen. Having the buttons on the front helps you to save your time by scrolling down the complicated menu to perform functionality. You can instantly adjust focus and turn in overlays, activate talkback and much more.

Broadcast Connections:

Broadcast connections are on both sides of the camera with 3G-SDI optical fiber, headphones, LANC on another end, power on a side and audio inputs of XLR. It gives quick access to change the cables as required. It also keeps them safe during the production time.

Integrated 10” LCD Screen:

With resolutions of 1920 * 1200p with having 10” screen, it gives the easy to view for your shots during operating the shoot/ camera. Its sunshade protects the screen of the camera from glare and gives you a private viewing space. You can see the clear view of your image due to its wide angle.

Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount:

Choosing from available MFT lenses, even broadcast lenses of B4 ENG, you can also use third party adapters which allow you to mount common DSLR lenses to PL-mount cinema lenses. It uses an active micro Four Thirds lens mount.

Compact and lightweight design:

Blackmagic studio camera is using compact magnesium which is strong and also lights weighted and also easy to use in the field. There is the rubberized coating around the body of a camera which gives more secure grip over it. Due to its light weight, it is easy to transport.