Wondlan Electronic Slider 100cm With Battery Charger

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Wondlan Electronic Slider 100cm With Battery Charger Price & Specs

This product is made of high strength aluminum alloy,utilizes modular design and controlled by precision track and Moving photography.
The modules of power plant and power are easy to connect and use.
The rail:
The rail head(optional):applies the design of detachable quick release plate and two-way damping adjustment and Arbitrary angle adjustment;one locking operation can immediately fix the camera.
Motor slider:
A super torque stepper motor is connected to the motor power cord.
The slider lock knobs:
Can easily install the slider and quickly adjust tightness.
Metal rack:
Distinguished from ordinary pulley,it is powerful and wearable.The motor controls it to achieve uniform sliding.
Horizontal bead:
To test whether the rail is in a horizontal state.
Precise and portable rail:
NO vibration,low noise,and made of high-strength aluminum alloy.
Bracket knob:
Fast and easily removes or installs the bracket.
This product can work at any angle and easily climb up 90 degree vertical.
Due to Wondlan wired electrically controlled rail innovatively uses metal rack to replace general pulley,and driven by Motor,vertical and emergency climbing will be more stable without the influence of gravity.
The controller applies the leading control system that customized for assisting sports photography(delay Photography,time-lapse photography and sports photography).
It is compact,easy-to-use,and convenient.With concept of user experience,it can be matched with electric rail to meet Customers’shooting needs.
The controller power cord is used to connecting controller and Wondlan battery to continuously supply power.
Power button:Switch of the controller.
Speed adjustment key:Arbitrary adjusts sliding speed and is controlled by motor to accomplish constant speed drive.
Motor wires are used to connecting the controller and the rail to achieve motor adjustment.
Left and right control key:Easy selects shooting direction.
Left and right LED lights:Suggest the directions.
Wired Electrically Controlled Rail A× 1
Motor slider × 1
A support frame × 2
Motor leads × 1
Controller power cords × 1
DV screws × 1
Controller × 1
Backpack × 1
Battery x 1
Charger x 1