Wondlan 100cm Wireless Time Lapse Slider

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Rs 165,000

Wondlan 100cm Wireless Time Lapse Slider Price & Specs

Wondlan Wireless Time-lapse Slider, controlled by intelligent program, with human installation and operation, is capable of time-lapse photographing, shooting vertically, canted shot and shooting repeatedly.

  • Wireless operation
  • 4 shooting modes (Time-lapse Mode, Video Mode, Manual Mode, Record Mode)
  • Smart shooting trajectory memory function: shooting repeatedly
  • Enhanced time-lapse photographing function: supporting time-lapse photographing for at most 24 uninterrupted hours
  • Auto/ Manual Mode, at your will
  • Wireless infrared shutter control
  • Large torque Stepping Motor helps slider locate position and speed accurately
  • Brake Gear
  • Easy installation design
  • Battery charger and ball head baseplate are not included
  • 100cm Wireless timelapse motor slider
  • Dimension - 111 x 21 x 32 cm.Item weight - 33 lbs.

Please Note :- Battery Charger Not Included