Wondlan 100cm Electronic Slider ll

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Wondlan 100cm Electronic Slider ll Price & Specs

Slider dolly or carriage systems are used in areas where it is difficult to use. Both fully and by carriage It is more economical as well as easily portable. Especially in DSLR shooting has been used very often.Wondlan the slider, as well as manual control of electronic controlled motor slider product is a product which may be provided. Resulting in Busan hand tremors, vibrations are not an issue. Wondlan of the slider there is a simple and quick installation. The system has an electronic control device. Engine module with the help of mechanical gear is moved electronically. The speed can be adjusted via the control electronics and the speed changes are smooth. Electronic controls on the left and right has led lights indicating direction to go. Vibration during use uncooperative, quiet, durable aluminum alloy rail system has made. Electric power battery provides you with links. For battery and the camera base plate is optional. Wondlan in place the slider or It has short legs on the table to scroll. In addition, not in place of sliders higher tripods required for moving can be provided as an option. Together with the slider Wondlan their bag comes free of charge.

  • The length of ride - 100cm
  • Supported weight - up to 5kg
  • Power Drive - 12V
  • Maximum speed - 30s / m
  • Minimum speed - 10min / m
  • Engine power - 5W
  • Turnover engine - 10rpm

Please Note :- Battery Charger is Not Included