Dolly Wheel Pro 120cm Linear Camera Track Slider

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Dolly Wheel Pro 120cm Linear Camera Track Slider Price & Specs

This is very creative and pro 120cm linear camera track slider. It is different from other camera sliders on the market. You can change its stand to smooth bearing dolly wheels. This slider can also be used as camcorder/camera dolly. Its total length is 120cm and it gives 70cm of the linear slide between two axes. AS the width of the axis is 11.5cm and from wheel to wheel, a smooth rubber wheel is mounted of diameter 63mm. It is great to produce the smooth image during the filmmaking.


1x Camera Track Slider with Dolly Wheel

1x Protection Bag

1x Shoulder Strap


Material: Aluminum alloy, rubber wheel

Length: 32"/120cm

Width: 5cm

Wheel diameter: 6.3cm

Net weight: 1.52KG

Load Capacity: 8KG