Flywheel Style Camera Slider Carbon Fiber

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Flywheel Style Camera Slider Carbon Fiber Price & Specs

This Carbon Fiber High Precision Camera Slider is the newest generation of Slider launched by our company this year, using precision bearings with carbon fiber tubes as a rail, which is light weight, good rigidity, ultra-quiet. Using load-bearing high-grade aluminum alloy material and processing technology, the configuration of the 1/4”& 3/8” thread allows you to convert between different types of equipment. You can easily adjust the height of the foot. Also you can mount the slider onto a tripod.
Combination of high precision bearings, make shooting easier and smoother
The slider can be used independently or mounted on a tripod.
Flywheel configuration makes the movement of the camera smoother and quieter.

Material: Carbon Fibre + Aluminum Alloy
Extend length: 1350mm (1.3 Meter / 4 feet )  
Compatible with all Professional Camera Camcorder