Boya BY-M3 Type-C Lavalier Microphone

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Boya BY-M3 Type-C Lavalier Microphone Price in Pakistan

To capture high-quality audio, BOYA BY-M3 is this small mic that can easily clip to your collar shirt. Once you have positioned it, you won't have to worry about the microphone. is commonly used by the anchors, news reporters or video podcasts. It is one of the essential things if you want to enhance the sound quality of your audio. Having up to 6-meter long cable, you can comfortably adopt several environments.
BOTA BY-M3 is a digital lavalier Type-C microphone that is specifically designed for Android devices as well as other devices, including iPad pro or Mac PC.

With the advancement in the sound quality of ordinary smartphone sound, this microphone has an impressive 16 bits/48 kHz resolution feature. This microphone is well-adequate for podcasting, blogging, interviews, skyping, and zoom conferences.

With the omnidirectional polar pattern and clip-on design, BOYA BY-M3 picks up a sound from around you and dismisses all the background noises.

As it is powered by iOS, therefore there is no need for a battery. Its versatile design and detachable mic allow you to connect other devices to your phone as well. It comes with a carrying pouch for safety purposes.

Choosing a lavalier microphone can be challenging, but we provide the best within budget.

This microphone is also compatible with smartphones as well as for cameras. If you need quality sound for recording videos or podcasts at any location, this mic can work entirely nice, even outdoors.


  • Clip-on mic
  • Omnidirectional pattern
  • USB Type-C detachable cable
  • No battery required


  • Frequency: 50Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -40db
  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 3.7 x 5.5
  • Cable Length: 6m
  • Wireless Connectivity: No

The BOYA BY-M3 is a digital USB Type-C lavalier microphone, which is specially designed for Android devices and others devices with Type-C connector, such as iPad Pro, Mac PC.
 With 16 bits/48KHz resolution, it’s well-suitable for podcasting, vlogging, interviews, and more.
 Features omnidirectional polar pattern and clip-on design, it could effectively reduce unwanted background noise, and greatly help the mobile devices to pick up high quality sound recordings.
 Up to 6 meters long cable, it allows users to comfortably adapt various environments.