Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K Digital Cinema Camera (PL-Mount)

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Rs 595,000

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K Digital Cinema Camera (PL-Mount) Price & Specs

The following are the main highlights of this product.

  • CMOS Super 35mm sensor.
  • Resolution of 4608x2592 up to 60p
  • Compressed Raw recording.
  • 2.0 Memory card dual slots.
  • REF and Timecode input.
  • 12G SDI output.
  • Flip Out screen with 1080p resolution.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • Two XLR audio inputs with phantom power.
  • Beautiful magnesium Alloy body.

URSA Mini 4.6K cinema camera is very easy to handle due to its small size and weight. This camera can record beautiful cinematic images due to it 35mm super CMOS sensor. The main reason behind such professional result is 15 stops of the dynamic range.  The body of the camera is well balanced and it is easy to use in different film making styles. The provided PL mount make this camera more precious because you can use number of other aesthetic lenses with this camera.

To produce beautiful cinematic images this URSA camera can record a lot of raw sensor data with CinemaDNG format. All of the data will be stored over CFast 2.0 dual memory cards with 60 fps.  The quality of the raw file stays same. The produced raw files also preserve the colors tonalities and full dynamic range of the sensors so that you could have proper control over the post production. It is very difficult to deal with uncompressed raw recordings on set. USRA mini camera helps in the post production process because it provides the raw recording with 4:1 and 3:1 compression ratios. This will surely save your space and helps you in the process of post production. 

The provided recording by this camera is UHD 3840x2160 resolution and 1080p resolution. It provides theses resolution while using many flavors with 422 and 444 chroma subsampling variation. Starting from high end UHD footage records the ProRes 444XQ with the rate of 312.5 MB/s, all the way down to the 1080p resolution ProRes 422 proxy file with 5.6/MB data rate.  This camera provides dual CFast cards thus you can record for long time if you need; if one of the given card is full then you can easily switch to second one. 

The power to URSA mini is provided from the rare of the camera with 4 pin XLR jack. This camera has extra plate on the back thus URSA can accept additional batteries such as Gold Mount and V Mount.  When the additional batteries are connected the power can be distributed by second XLR jack.

Let’s discuss about the camera features.

  4.6K Super 35mm Sensor:

The effective resolution of this mini camera is about 4608x2592. This 4.6K sensor has capability to capture the motion images those have resolution greater then 4k by using 15 stops of dynamic range.  URSA mini camera can record the entire sensor at 60 fps that can fit in television or used in other workflows where high frame rate is required.  By using some portion of the sensor this URSA mini can record slow motion footage with resolution of 1080 at the rate of 120fps.  While recording the high frame rate the URSA Mini capture all the footage with standard frame rate thus it does not require any kind of post processing before starting the process of editing.

  Touch Screen Control:

The URSA mini has traditional button driven menus while it also have nice feature of folding out screen of 5 inches with 1920x1080 resolutions. This capacitive touch screen is easy to use and you can easily see all the changes in camera settings, histograms, time codes and you can add the metadata of the shot as well while using on screen keyboard.

  Power Options:

The URSA mini includes 4 pin XLR industry standard power connector that can work with 12V to 30V external power supplies. Due to this reason this camera is easy to use.  Same mounting points and battery power connectors are used with this camera as they are used with original URSA.  It also allows you to add the optional blackmagic URSA V Loc battery.  This plate is for using the popular V mount batteries.

 Compact Hand held design:

The size of the URSA mini is quite small then other available options that allows it to fit in the TV commercial, Indie film, documentary and feature film work flow with crew of any available size.  By using optional shoulder mount with using built in quick release plate the URSA mini can be used as the shoulder camera. It can also be converted to tripod camera in few seconds.  This camera has small size but it can fit in a lot of professional workflows. The body of the camera is made up of magnesium alloy. Due to this reason it is light in weight like 5 pounds.  A side handle is included with the camera that makes it easy to use as handheld camera.  As discussed before the optional shoulder mount can be extended and used in doc style configuration.

 Professional Connections:

The URSA mini have number of connections such as HD-SDI monitoring out, 12G SDI, 2 LANC inputs, time code in, XLR audio pin with phantom power and reference input.  On the front right side of the camera the 4 pin XLR DC and HD-SDI.  The 12 G SDI output can handle 2160p upto 60fps with a one BNC cable. There are also switches those can be used for switching between 6G-SDI or HD-SDI format depending upon the shooting format.

 DaVinci Resolve software:

The DaVinic resolve USB dongle software is included with this camera which is licensed and it contains all the features of the software.  The full version of the this software is compatible with windows, Mac and it is used for editing color grading, mastering and media management. DaVinci resolver’s software can easily take 12 bit log Raw images coming from URSA mini so that you can take the full advantage o the high quality images and dynamic range. This advanced software have the multi layer time line and very powerful editing and trimming tools thus it is considered as one of the most professional grading tool in industry.