Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera (EF-Mount)

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Rs 350,000

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera (EF-Mount) Price & Specs

  • CMOS super  35mm sensor.
  • Video with resolution of 4000x2160 up to 60p.
  • Raw recording  in both form compressed and uncompressed.
  • ProRes 444+422, ready to edit recording.
  • CFast memory card slots.
  • REF and timecode input.
  • 12G-SDI output.
  • Flip out screen with 1080p resolution.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • Phantom power 2XLR inputs.
  • Magnesium alloy body.

This URSA mini camera is more easy to handle due to its small size. This 4K digital camera is capable of recording cinematic images through global shutter sensor.  The dynamic range with 12 stops gives the perfect images.  This camera with balanced design and beautiful body can be used in different styles of filmmaking. . The provided EF mount with this camera is compatible with number of other beautiful popular lenses. This option opens a lot of aesthetic options.

The  URSA mini 4k camera is capable of recording raw sensor data in Cinema DNG format.  The recorded data can be stored over  CFast memory cards.  The raw files preserves all the dynamic range and color tonality of the data coming from sensor thus you can have nice control in post production process.  The uncompressed raw data is not easy to deal thus URSA mini 4k is providing the compressed data with the ration of 3:1/ This compression will surely decrease the size of the data and will help in post production process.

The URSA mini 4k also records 3840x2160 and 1080p resolution by using many ready to edit  ProRes files  with different variations of flavors from 422 to 444 chroma subsampling. Starting from high end UHD footage records the ProRes 444XQ with the rate of 312.5 MB/s, all the way down to the 1080p resolution  ProRes 422 proxy file  with 5.6/MB data rate.  This camera provides dual CFast cards thus you can record for long time, if one card is full then you can easily switch to second one.  The power of the URSA Mini 4k is supplied by the rare XLR jack. This camera have extra plate on the back thus URSA can accept additional batteries such as Gold Mount and V Mount.  When the additional batteries are connected the power can be distributed by second XLR jack.

Camera Features:

  Compact handheld design:

By decreasing the size of the camera it enables it to fit in any kind of feature film, indie film, , documentary and work flows with crew of any size. By using optional shoulder mount with using built in quick release plate the URSA mini can be used as the shoulder camera. It can also be converted to tripod camera in few seconds. The body of the camera is made up of Magnesium alloy that make its weight about 5 pounds. To make it a perfect option for the handheld use an extra side handle is included with this camera.  With the optional shoulder mount the given handle can be extended off the camera so that it can be used in doc style.

   4k Super35mm sensor:

This 3840x2160 resolution sensor is using global shutter thus it is free from any kind of flashing banding that is usually experienced with rolling shutter sensors.  Its dynamic range with 12 stops ensures that all the details are retained even in the shadows and highlights of the images. At the given size this sensor is slightly larger than APS-C DSLR format and it can accommodate most of the lenses that can cover APS-c image circle.

   Touch Screen Control:

This camera also have beautiful fold able touch screen in addition to the traditional button driven menus.  This touch screen of 5 inches  with resolution of 1920x1080p helps a lot in navigating through different menu options.  It will help you to see the camera setting, histograms, time code and audio level etc.  It is also very helpful in adding the metadata to the shots.

   Professional Connections:

The URSA mini 4k feauters the multiple connections such as HD-SDI monitoring out, 12G-SDI out, two LANC inputs, XLR audio inputs with phantom power and reference input.  There is a 4 pin XLR DC and HD-SDI input at the front right side of the camera  those are at best position for connecting  to the onset monitor. The 12 G  SDI output can handle 2160p upto 60fps with a one BNC cable. There are also switches those can be used for switching between 6G-SDI or HD-SDI format depending upon the shooting format.

   Quality Sound Recording:

This camera have built in microphone of very high quality. This feature of the camera is very helpful, because you don’t have to pick extra sound equipment with you.  Its up to you if you want to use built in stereo microphone or you want to put professional microphone by plugging it  in the XLR mic input.  The XLR connection have 48V of the switchable so that you can plug Lavalier mics or shotgun mics for more details. It is easy to adjust the audio level using physical knobs or through on screen audio controller.

   Multiple power options:

URSA mini have 4 pin XLR standard power connector that can work with 12V -30C external power supplies.  That’s why it is easy to use this camera with existing power supplies.  This camera also uses the same mounting points and battery power connector as used in the rare of the camera.  Th