5 Steps to become a Professional Photographer

Feb 16, 2023

Photography is an expensive hobby. If you don’t know what you are getting into then it cannot not only hurt your pocket but also become frustrating in the end. Despite the price for DSLRs coming down these days it is still high compared to other gadgets. Before you get into professional photography you need to know the ins and outs of the industry and above that make sure you know your camera so that you don’t face any surprises when you point that camera to take a picture. During a normal week i receive 20-30 calls asking what to buy so here i list the same advice for you which i give out over the phone.

Steps 1 – Know your Camera

Even before you shoot your first image, you need to sit down and go through every part of your camera. See what settings are available in the Camera as well as check all the physical parts of the cameras. Check out where the on/off button is located, and how to replace memory cards. Another important factor is to check what kind of batteries are required for the camera. I also think it’s good to also check how the LDC preview works. Cameras normally do not come with malfunctioning parts but if you use your cameras in a way it is not designed, you may damage your camera with not only temporary problems but it can also render your camera useless for a long time.

Step 2 – Read your Camera Manual.

Every camera comes with a manual and it is important you read it at least once. You do not have to read it from cover to cover and know everything by heart but make sure you know what the features and functions of your camera are designed to do. Whatever you do, do not throw out the manual once you have read it. Keep it safe and take it with you whenever you go out to shoot. You won’t believe how many times you have to get back to the manual to learn about that new feature you just discovered in your camera. If you do not want to carry the manual with your camera bag pack, then download the PDF manual from the camera company’s website and store it in your phone. This way you can read it whenever you want to learn something about your camera.

Step 3 – Check your Camera Menus

Each camera comes with its very own menu system which allows you to perform certain tasks with your camera as well as change various setting to suit your needsof your camera. This menu system can be used by pressing the menu button on your camera and
assist you with series of features related to camera. Take out your Camera manual and go through the menu and make yourself comfortable with every function. Do not worry, though, no camera comes with a Kill Switch button which might render your camera useless. Every menu item in your camera does a certain and you do not have to worry that pressing some menu might damage your camera. Read the manual if in doubt.

Step 4 – Use the Internet

You are not the first one to buy a DSLR. There are lots of people who have used it before you and they post various tips and tricks on how to use that camera on Internet. Browse through different Photography websites and you will find tips and tricks on how to use your camera. You might be surprised sometimes to find some hidden feature of your camera that even the Camera Manufacturer did not put in the manual.

Step 5 – Practice and Practice More.

Only way you are going to getting a handle on your camera perfectly is to use it in real world. You can read as many tips and tricks on internet but if you do not use your camera for what it does, you can never learn more about it. Go out to the real world and shoot anything and everything that you set your eyes on and see how you do. Keep practicing more and more and as much you shoot with your camera, the more you keep on learning. Try different settings, apertures and speed and see what kind of images you shoot! Do not get disheartened if the images do come out of high quality for the first few times. Once you keep going, you learn more and find that perfect way to shoot great quality photos.

What other tips do you use to in order to become a photographer? Would you add anything else to this list? Leave a comment to let us know.    

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