Portable Background Hand Roller Kit

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Rs 22,000

Portable Background Hand Roller Kit Price & Specs

  • Enhanced safety compared to easily knocked over portable systems
  • Allows you to easily and quickly select and change any of 1 background.
  • Perfect for muslins, computer-printed, canvas and paper backgrounds.

FAQ: How to use it ?

  • It depends on what type of backdrop you'll be using:
  • Paper backdrop roll - Just slot the paper backdrop straight into the elevating system, cos paper backdrop roll already comes with centre rod.
  • Muslin or canvas backdrop without centre rod - You'll need to get a centre rod (e.g. 2 inches PVC pipe*) and attach it to the elevating system. Roll the backdrop onto the pipe. (*you can use water PVC pipe used in household available in many hardware shop, and they can be cut to any length)