Beauty Dish With Grid 50cm

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Beauty Dish with Grid 50cm

The beauty dish is hardly imagining is in professional manufacture in fashion area and beauty or other shootings. Its light make it well describe a mixture of soft box and standard reflector. It means that this is not soft as a soft box and not hard as a standard reflector. Light shapers scatters the light uniformly and softly at angle of 120° and light reflects at the same time and emphasizes the middle, so that a little area is created which is more lighted. The light is spread very softly by white inner coating. This effect increased by Honeycomb QZ-51. Light is more directed towards the center and outer regions are darker comparatively. The steering of light rays and the light is much easier. It can be mounted on all studio flash heads with Bowens S-Type Bayonet (jinbei and Bowens/ Walimex flashes).