60 by 60 Softbox For Speedlight With Mounting Bracket

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60 by 60 Softbox For Speedlight With Mounting Bracket Price in Pakistan

Now brand new softboxes are available that is used as portable speed light with number of famous hotshoe such as CANON and NIKON. It is quite easy to use and it takes just few second to set this up.

Collapsible Mounting Brackets:

  • It is adjustable to accommodate about all speed lights with famous hotshoe.
  • It has built in output holes for the purpose of connecting soft box.
  • The mounting bracket have adjustable height upto 8. It is considered to the horizontal bracket from center of the ring.     
  • Mounting bracket longest height is 12.5”.
  • Shortest height is about 10”.
  • Inner diameter of the metal ring is 3.5”.
  • 6” is the outer diameter of the ring.

Studio Softbox:

  • These  are 60x60 studio boxes with 3.75” diameters and collapsible holes
  • It has both kinds of the outer and inner diffuser.
  • For concentrating light, there are four sided reflectors.
  • Improves the quality by softening the light and removing the shadows.
  • It is very easy to setup for a studio or any outdoor location.

Carrying Cases:

These portable carrying cases are made up for mounting brackets and soft boxes.

  • The size of the bag for carrying softbox have 9.5” diameter.
  • The length of the carrying case is 13” and width and height is 3.5” and 8.5” respectively.
  • Stand is not included in the whole package.

The whole package includes following things.

  • One mounting bracket.
  • One carrying bag for softbox.
  • One 60 by 60 speed light softbox.