HL 1K Halogen Lite, 1000w/s / GX-6.35

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HL 1K Halogen Lite, 1000w/s / GX-6.35 Price & Specs

Best performance

HMI-L light with same color temperature with the sun shine in the midday has been installed hqi lamp. HMI-L has a white light source and this is a solution for both UCC studio and outdoor photography.


The electronic ballast based on the Rimelite’s revolutionary strobe design is very good for control of the overheat, overvoltage and overcurrent. By adapting of low frequency and square wave circuit, we remove the sound resonance phenomenon. For removing the noise, we’ve equipped in the circuit for removing EMI and THD.

HMI-L makes you satisfied with the microminiaturization of the stabilizer and unparalleled reliability.

 Powerful performance

It can be controlled completely based on the perfect engineering by the user’s direction. High-tech HL1K can make the maximum 1kw halogen light powerfully.

 3200K, Multipurpose Photograph

This is a perfect solution for both photographing such as portraits, commercials and video recording. You can control from 5w/s to 1000w/s minutely.

 Design of the light-weight product

HL1K has not only the luxury external case which is made of substantial aluminum but also strong durable braket and die casting inner side.

These characteristics can helps to support the grand soft boxes.

This is designed light-weight product in order to move it easily in studio for professional photographers. It only weight 1.8kg and is very portable.