FAME PLUS Flash 600w/s, (Modeling : Halogen 300w, GX-6.35)

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Rs 43,500

FAME PLUS Flash 600w/s, Price & Specs

It is the most affordable moonlight made by Rime Lite. It is normally loaded with the type of performance and convenience features and it made it favorite for professionals.

It has a new sleek design which has a built-in handle to make a set-up. Knobs can be adjusted for power and modeling light control. FAME’s electrolytic aluminum capacitors make very fast recycling (.1-2.4 sec). FAME flash is very accurate and has impressive specs either.

4.5 Stop Power Range

Its modeling light intensity can be sent match automatically. 4.5 stop range with a convenient wheel power interface.

Easy Push Button Control

Optical/IR slave, modeling light off/on, audible recycle alert and also the flattest are controlled by the simple type of push buttons.

Xenon Flash Tube

This special designed Xenon flash tube enables the control and consistent temperature of 5,500k.

Optional Wireless Triggering

The era of a tangle of wires is over and now you can purchase SWING radio control. It can trigger your flash heads up to 120m away.

Small Powerful Capacitors

You can have rapid recycling via FAME’s electrolytic aluminum capacitors.

Advanced Color Space

For enabling the rendering of natural color you can use fame’s color mapping technology. It is user-friendly. The CMOS/CCD chip perfectly matches the flash’s head.

  • Weight: 3.3Kg
  • Auto Dump: Yes
  • Dimensions: 15*4.7*4.5” (38.1*11.9*11.4cm)
  • Fan cooled: Yes
  • Circuit protection: Fused
  • Operating Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Built-in Slave cell: Yes, optical
  • Flash-ready indicator: audible, visual.
  • Changeable reflector: Yes
  • User replaceable flash tube: Yes
  • Maximum Watt/Seconds: 600
  • Flash Variability: 4.5stops
  • Flash duration: .1/1,700 sec
  • Recycle duration .1-2.4 sec
  • Modeling light wattage: krypton 250W (max)