Feelworld TP10 Folding 10inch Teleprompter

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Feelworld TP10 Folding 10inch Teleprompter Price & Specs

The portable folding 10-inch teleprompter is the newest addition in the TP series by Feelworld. Feelworld TP10 10-inch folding prompter in Pakistan price is in range of 18,000 - 22,000.

Approximately 310 gm. Beam

10-inch standard beam split glass. Folding Glass Design
The folding design gives the flexibility of convenient storage.
Support Wide-Angle Lens (large field of view)
TP10 teleprompter supports a wide-angle lens for shooting via DSLR and Tablet.
Recording Flexibility
It supports horizontal and vertical shooting for formal recording and social media videos.
Smartphone Live Streaming And Recording
TP10 enhances the live streaming experience. The adjustable phone holder makes it easy to record horizontal or vertical, as needed.
Smartphone/Tablet Clamp
TP10 foldable teleprompter support up to 11” tablet usage.
Foam Ring
The foam ring is used with several different smartphone lenses to avoid leaking light inside the lens.
Adapter Rings
Eight different adapter rings give a wide choice of cameras that can be used with the teleprompter. The adapter ring makes a rigid connection between the device and the camera.
Bluetooth Remote Control Through APP
The Bluetooth controller can remotely control the functions such as speed up/slow down, play/pause, etc., within the range of 100m.
Multiple ¼” Mounting Thread
Five mounting threads connect peripheral devices like a tripod at the bottom and a microphone at the top.
Portable Sun Hood
Feelworld TP10 folding 10-inch teleprompter in Pakistan has a sun hood that allows glare-free content.
Carry Case
Conveniently carry the teleprompter around in the case.

Focus More on Your Performance, Lesser on Your Script
FEELWORLD TP10 is a folding and portable teleprompter that features with 10-inch standard beam splitter that allows you to clearly read scrolling text while looking directly into the camera, perfect for vlog, live broadcast, online class, video recording, interviews, video studio, news, and presentation. No need to recite the script, confident and charming! It can be prompted via smartphone or tablet while a DSLR camera or phone is shooting. Supports a wide-angle lens, Android/iOS app, Bluetooth remote control, easy to operate, making video production more efficient. Use with exquisite special storage case, more convenient to carry. It is ideal for video, program creators.
10-inch Standard Beam Split Glass
Present the prompted content clearly, shoot more efficient
The TP10 is equipped with 10-inch standard beam slipt glass, excellent transmissivity and reflection effect, keep clear and good imaging, improve the shooting efficiency.
Folding Glass Design
Convenient to storage, being installed and used anytime
The beam split glass can be folded of TP10, the thickness of teleprompter only 27mm after folded which better protects the glass and is convenient to storage.
Support Wide Angle Lens
Large field of view, large scene
The TP10 supports shooting with a wide-angle lens, providing large vision. DSLR and tablet prompting mode support more than 24mm horizontal shooting and less than 35mm vertical shooting.
Camera Recording
Horizontal and vertical shooting freely
Camera Horizontal shooting, suitable for interviews, online education, and KOL program; Vertical shooting, suitable for video creation in tik tok, youtube, Instagram, etc.
Smartphone Live Streaming/Recording
Improve the efficiency of live streaming/shooting, freely in horizontal and vertical
Supports smartphone live-streaming or recording, suitable for live sale, online class, and other live events. The attached mobile phone holder can be installed in the slot behind the teleprompter so that you can realize horizontal or vertical shooting according to different needs.
Smartphone/Tablet Clamp
Supports up to 11” tablet
TP10 is equipped with a mobile phone/tablet clamp, that can be used to place a smartphone or a tablet which under 11-inch for prompting to solve the need for text size. Please press the arrow button up and stretch when placing the tablet.
Smartphone Shooting Foam Ring
The TP10 is equipped with two kinds of shooting EVA foam ring for different smartphone lenses, you can move the phone to fit the lens perfectly with the foam ring, which avoids the phenomenon of light leaking into the lens.