FEELWORLD Professional 7.0 LCD Monitor

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Feel World Professional 7.0 LCD Monitor Price & Specs

The 7.0 inch pro LCD monitor is specifically designed to be used as an external video display device, it gives you enough space and time to step back from the camera while you can still capture and frame the action without looking to the camera built-in viewfinder. It also employs high-quality TFT LCD modules, steady photography and low consumption.Features:

•    Focus assist or peaking filter is used by the camera operator to focus on its desired object while he or she takes photos or videos of the surroundings. On the screen, there will be white color appeared near the sharp edges on the screen.

•    Check field is ( blue, green, mono, color, red)

•    Can cross the screen center mark

•    Image flip L/R, U/D

•    Screen marker (80%, 93%, 96%, 90%, 85%)

•    4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio setting

•    Tint, saturation, brightness, contrast ratio and color temperature adjustment.

•    Has removable high-quality sun shade

•    Camera mode is recording, no delay gives full display on monitor, no deform, Canon 5D mark II mode

•    Battery slot (Model: F-970): Is compatible with Sony battery QM90D, OM91, QM91D, QM71D, QM70D, QM70, F950, F770, F970, FM71, T770, F550, F530, F730, T930.


•    Backlight:                    LED

•    Brightness:                  400cd/m?2

•    Resolution:                   800*480

•    Resolution                     up to 1920*1440

•    Contrast:                         500:1

•    Panel Type:                      TFT LCD

•    Display Panel size:           7.0 inch 1152000 Pixels

•    Viewing angle:                  70 degree/70 degrees (L/R); 50/60 degree (U/D)

•    HDMI support format:       1080/60p

•    Signal input channel:        VGA, HDMI, VIDEO2, VIDEO1, AUDIO

•    Standby current:               ?50mA

•    Storage temperature:         -30 to 65-degree celsius

•    Working temperature:         -20 to 55 degree 

•    Video color system:             PAL-4.43: NTSC-3.58

•    Net weight:                            455g (only monitor)

•    Power adapter:                  Input: AC 100V-240V, 50/60GHZ, Output: DC12V,        1.5A

•    Size:                                     184*130*52mm

Package Includes:

•    1*AV cable

•    User Manual

•    1*Sun shade

•    1* HDMI cable

•    1* power adapter