Yongnuo YN-900 LED Light – A Must Buy Lighting Solution For Professional Filmmakers!

Feb 16, 2023

Yongnuo YN-900 LED Light – A Must Buy Lighting Solution For Professional Filmmakers!

In photography or cinematography world, lighting solutions play a vital role. Considering this fact, Yongnuo introduces YN900 LED Light that is ideal for video or photo shooting. Yongnuo YN 900 LED light is one of the strongest LED solutions available in the market. Made of 5500K 900 advanced LED extra-large illuminating chips of lamp beads, it is truly an outstanding product at this price. The light is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor shooting. Powered by 2 lithium batteries and 5A electric direct power supply which are greatly safe for long usage. In addition, it comes with a remote controller that makes the operating job easier and more convenient. 
How Yongnuo YN 900 LED Light Is Formed Of – 
The formation of Yongnuo YN-900 LED Light is done by 448 lamp beads that have 3200K colour temperature and another 452 lamp beads that have extra-large luminous area of 5500K colour temperature. The lamp beads of Y N900 have a greater luminous intensity in the same energy consumption. The temperature of the colour can be altered from 3200K to 5500K as YN900 is more practical.
This LED Light is equipped with a wireless remote controller of a multi channel that is taken into utilisation to alter the luminous intensity and take control of the switch of YN900. Additionally, this seems very easy to use the controller for the switches of 8 groups of video lights and controlling the luminous intensity.

The technical specification for Yongnuo YN-900 LED Light are as follows-

  1. The model, YONGNUO YN-900 has a LED quantity of 900pcs.
  2. The colour temperature for different video light is different. For the 5000K video light, it is 5500K while for 3200K, it is 3200K.
  3. The colour rendering index remains always greater than or equal to 90%.
  4. The weight of this gadget is nearly 1.48 kg while the dimensions are 260 x 188 x 48 mm.
  5. The power needed by Yongnuo YN-900 LED Light is 54W.
  6. The lumens is 7200LM (lux) and the Luminance angle needed is 55°.
  7. The average service life of this LED Light is 50000 hours.
  8. The remote control distance for them must always be greater than 30 meters 
  9. The power source required by these LED lights is 2 lithium batteries or a DC power supply that has a power adapter.
  10. The size is nearly of the following dimensions 260×188×48mm (when folded) and the net weight (without batteries or adapter) is approximately 1480g.

Features of the LED light is given below-
You can also control this Yongnuo YN-900 LED Light with the help of a smartphone via app-
The LED Video light can also be taken into control with the help of a smartphone. This can be done as per the need. The LED light comes with a Type-D lamp holder that makes it easier for you to use YN900 on many types of flash bracket. The light has a very high quality of LED lamp beads that has chips with an extra-large luminous area.
The display screen of YN900, the parameter of the power output has the sense to know something instinctively. The long time shooting becomes possible since this LED light supports external DC power input. The fan forced heat dissipation capability of YN900 can solve the heating related issue post long usage of LED video light. The light comes with filters that have 2 pieces of colour temperature and can be utilised under different circumstances. The four folding barn doors of light that have inner silver reflective surface make the light even and helps in reducing the harsh shadows which provide a natural image.
YN900 has taken the YONGNUO proprietary LED driving technology that effectively helps in avoiding corrugation and stroboscopic flash. It also supports encoder digital dimming system that comes tagged along with two modes, one is coarse tuning mode and the other is fine tuning mode.

Pros Of Yongnuo YN 900 LED Light-
Great colour accuracy between dark spot and lights. 
Perfect light out; not too large. 
Extra battery backup support for long hours outdoor shooting. 
A remote controller is the best part of Yongnuo YN 900 LED light as it makes adjusting lights easier and a hassle free job.

Final Verdict – 
Overall, the product Yongnuo YN 900 LED light is a perfect lighting solution for photographers and videographers. It works brilliantly in all environments. So, whether you shoot indoors or outdoors, you don’t need any separate lighting for making your videos perfect, but it will handle the lighting requirement perfectly. 

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