Wondlan Double Arm SteadiCam LE-401 – A Dynamic Addition To Your Cinematography Kit!

Feb 16, 2023

In the world of photography and cinematography, the use of photography tools and accessories is the greatest. To produce perfect shots, the professionals use a range of tools and equipment in which steadicam is one of the most influential photography solution of the time. Wondlan double arm steadicam LE-401 is a remarkable steadicam that is demanded by renowned photographers all across the world. Before we bring forward the usages and performance of Wondlan double arm steadicam LE-401, let’s talk about what steadicam is and when it was invented first. 

So, the first steadicam that is stabilization system of video camera arrived in the market of America in 70s. Since then, this system has been adopted by professionals in film making, TV, stage performance, sports, wedding market and so on. Moreover, this demand had rapidly grown among professionals as well as middle end users and hence, it became a requisite corollary tool in the media, video, film and other industries.

After that, many companies introduced their steadicam models in the market and wondlan is one of the most successful company manufacturing steadicam for many years. The steadicam from the Leopard series of Wondlan are loved by professionals because of its tool-free adjusting and installation, amazing stability and convenient operation. The leopard series steadicam has actually brought a storm in the market with its amazing look, light weight, dynamic intensity and superior materials.

As of now, Wondlan has already introduced Leopard I and Leopard II editions in steadicam and the new editions bring an accessible carbon fiber posts and broader bearing ranges. In addition, the Leo II comes with power cables, AV and HDMI that help professionals to meet different video and photography demands.

The Wondlan double arm steadicam LE-401 comes in two editions – standard and deluxe in which standard edition features 1 to 7.5 kg bearing range and deluxe edition features 6 to 15 kg bearing range.

Features of Wondlan double arm steadicam LE-401 carbon fiber standard edition –

Details about the Arm –

This steadicam features light-weight and high-intensity aerial aluminum alloy made by CNC which is used to manufacture the most important part of arm. In the arm, high-quality 26 precision bearing get installed to the arm joints for achieving convenient adjusting and simple operating. It has double-spring and double-section design to support a huge weight scope. There is a button for elasticity adjustment that controls the spring length for the bearing adjustment. Its ultra-wide bearing range helps each arm section to adjust the spring load easily, hence it makes the device capable of bearing up to 7.5 kg equipment in an easy way. The spring arm has a plug that features bore size of 16mm, suiting specific Wondlan stabilizer to have multiple-angle photo shoots.

Load Vest Feature Details –

The Wondlan double arm steadicam LE-401 has convenient and high-end air permeable composite materials made and ergonomic structure that helps it bearing the steadicam weight from each sides evenly. The front plate of chest and the vest place height can easily be adjusted. Moreover, you can freely adjust the fastening position too to get a wider application scope. You don’t even require any tool to adjust the vest and this quality makes this product very convenient and easy to use as it saves time as well as labor and enhances the shooting efficiency. The vest hasps are designed with specific materials which add remarkable bearing strength and there is also a tool kit designed to its back that helps making the shoot simpler.

Professional Stabilizer –

The Wondlan double arm steadiCam LE-401 comes with a professional stabilizer in which the carbon fiber that is very light-weight is used for the main segment of its stabilizer which makes hand-holding comfortable and easy for users. The main post made of carbon fiber is highly scalable; hence increases the ratio of power weight. Made of double-direction fine tuning precision head, Wondlan can easily be installed and is very flexible to set anywhere. Quality universal Steadicam joint features low-friction and high-precision, enabling for more flexible working and smoother shooting solutions. Straight I-type bar of this steadicam can easily be rotated in a direction – vertically as well as horizontally to get smooth all-round shooting. It has a monitor bracket which you can adjust to any direction and is suitable for all environments that brings simple and clear vision.

Wireless Focus Follow Content –

It comes with 4 recall focus with a controller that you can switch disorderly. It features 4 focus that can easily be preset while video shooting. You just have to press the buttons and focus will flexibly be switched. To fulfil the demands of the lens, the focus follower controls the switching focus speed and after that, you can easily express the lens language. It features 300m distance of super Wireless receptor. Its wireless 2.4 GHZ receptor flickers to prompt the user to catch transmits from signal controller, behind exclusive infrared emitter that makes signal from 300 mts from outdoors.

It is equipped with a driving motor that does not create much noise and makes any time delay. The one driving motor end is connected to the receptor port and there are 2 driving gear types that can be chosen as per different equipment used.

Features Of Wondlan Double Arm SteadiCam LE-401 –

This ultimate product is equipped with several useful features that take photography to new directions. With a traditional steadicam, it becomes very difficult to switch focus, as wide-angel lenses are not capable of overcoming this drawback. But, with wireless follow focus feature of Wondlan Double Arm SteadiCam LE-401, you can easily make flower focus, switch focus conveniently, enhance picture quality and upgrade pictures to new shooting levels during your photo shooting.

Easy Zooming With Wireless Remote –

In a traditional steadicam that features a complex focus system, you would require help of photographer and focus follower; however with wireless follow focus feature in Wondlan Double Arm SteadiCam LE-401, you can easily release focus follower actions, makes them follow composing, shooting and focus which makes the photography a relaxing process.

Relaxing Focus Recall - Wondlan Double Arm SteadiCam LE-401 –

Once you slightly press the button, it will quickly autofocus the subject to the preset focus, it becomes too simple to get multiple focus modes. You can easily adjust the camera speed and zoom as required. Moreover, the focus follower may do a range of performances with lens by suiting the switching focus speed while shooting with steadicam as per certain needs.

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