Why Aputure 120D Mark II Video Lights are the best

Feb 16, 2023

After introducing their lighting modifiers, Aputure introduced much awaited 120D mark II video lights. According to the aperture, these are a complete re-design of old models. The Old models were a huge hit amongst photographers, and looking at the improvements on 120D II, it looks like these lights will see even bigger success.
As compare to the old models, the new Mark II video lights are powerful; they also have better control. The old models had a 6000K rating, but the new 120D has around 5500-kelvin rating with many fixtures. These new video lights have universal Bowens mount, wireless remote, temperature control, and a flexible carrying bag.

Aputure 120D Mark II Video Lights Features

The new video lights are incredible; they have a very long throw. Having brightness up to 1000 wats tungsten light, the new 120D Mark II is also 25% brighter than previous versions, which makes them competitive and best for high-grade studios.
Aputure has gone through some high-end testing using not only CRI but also using industrial television lighting consistency index. In all the tests performed on Mark II video lights, they scored over 97, which tells you about the quality that it provides to you. These are high-quality lights that don’t cause problems for you.
One of the best qualities of Aputure 120D Mark II Video Lights is its ability to switch between 100% and 1% via remote control. The old models could only go down to 10%, which means these new lightings can give you the lightest and brightest lighting for your photography.
It comes with the ability to allow studio managers to maximize the range of its uses and cover a variety of shooting setups. Mark II is also programmed with lighting effects such as thunder, fireworks, etc. It helps managers to take better photographs with unlimited potential. Photographers have a variety of options and which increases business options.
One of the many notable functions of Aputure 120D Mark II Video Lights is integrated power unit. It is made of aluminum and has a lightweight; there is only one power unit which is less messy. No messy cabling and power options, which helps photographers to set up the equipment within a short time and be creative on the photoshoot. 
Fully color-coded cable system gives it more flexibility and the light can be placed anywhere, the latest locking system makes it safer than previous models, and it offers you comfortable installation in challenging situations.
A new yoke construction gives you much better motion, up to 330 degrees. It helps you set angles and point the light to any direction. A new and improved grip is made of top grade material. The weight of the equipment is not more than a few KGs, which helps photographers to take it anywhere they like. It is better and more flexible as compared to larger and heavier fixtures.

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