Understanding The Use Of Lenses In Photography

Feb 16, 2023

These days just turning up with a camera is not going to get you the best pictures. I get to speak to many photographers some amateur and some professional.

However, I have always thought that when you have the right photography equipment, your picture quality can only be elevated to new and bigger heights. In my view, apart from the camera itself, the lens is the most important part, especially when you settle on a niche that you will settle into. These days most photographers choose one, or at most 2 types of photography to specialise in. Just as there are many different types of niches to specialise in, there are also just as many different types of lenses, such as the standard 35- 80mm, telephoto, and panoramic lenses to name a few.

Most cameras have a 35- 80 mm lens, even the point and shoot types of cameras. Very often when you purchase a camera casing it will come with the standard lens which comes with it. Most lenses are interchangeable though, and you do however, have to stick with the same brand of lenses as your camera so that the diameter is the same.

The diameter of most lenses is the same, as long as you have kept to the same brand. The 35- 80 mm lens tells you the extent of the reach. You are able to take photographs from several miles away with a standard lens but unfortunately you will not have the distinction of features in the final print that you would need if you were to develop the pictures. The standard lens is great for close up shots or macro shots, such as flowers, spider webs, people, and even your pets. If you want to gain more of a defined picture from a long distance you would need a bigger lens.

There are many lenses in photography. One is the 75- 300 mm lens. Now while this is not as big as other telephoto lenses you will always see professional photographers walking around with one. These types of lenses are great for scenic views such as mountains and wildlife photography, especially when you are standing some distance away.

Something to point out here is that when you do eventually move from the 35mm into a larger size lens, a stabiliser with the lens is a good choice. In simple terms a stabiliser can help you to hold the camera steady for pictures even if your hand were to move accidentally. When you do want to move into the world of the larger lenses you can buy all sorts of accessories that would assist you with angles and light.

Panoramic photography is what we photographers refer to when we want to take spectacular landscape photographs. A panoramic lens allows you to widen the photograph to such an extent you are able to capture parts of a picture that cannot be seen just through looking through your lens especially with digital cameras.

So, for example if there was a mountain range that you wanted to capture the entire picture without having to paste different shots together in Photoshop the panoramic lens is the what you would need. Panoramic features are even available on the latest Smartphone’s. Give it a try to see what i mean.

All three types of lenses i have mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using different lenses in photography. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a budding professional you will need to maximise those photo taking skills of yours. An additional type of equipment you may want to purchase in the future is a tripod.

Tripods are pretty simple and lightweight pieces of equipment and they work really well for portrait and wedding photography. It’s fair to say that pretty much all types of mediums in photography require medium to top of the line range camera equipment to produce a photograph of great quality.

What types of lenses have you used? Are you looking to upgrades your now or in the future? You can leave a comment below.

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