The Expert Review: GoPro Hero 5 Black!

Feb 16, 2023

The Expert Review: Go Pro Hero 5 Black!

In the world of photography and videography, Go Pro Hero 5 Black can be called a real masterpiece as it is a great camera that carries every shooting solutions and features as available in its predecessor along with a hugely attractive range capture image with a linear field to see the video. In addition, it has a touchscreen, GPS, stereo audio, waterproof body, digital image stabilisation, voice control, great video and photo quality and auto cloud uploads option. These are the best pointers in Go Pro Hero 5 Black that make it an exceptional camera option of the time. 
Through our expert review, we try to bring forward the actual picture of this product so that, the desired customers should make a confident decision before investing in this camera. Although, it is an enhanced addition, yet there are some shortcomings which we will surely talk here. Knowing goods and bads about a product, you can buy the product rightly without bearing the wrong assumption about it.

Overview Of Go Pro Hero 5 Black –
If you call it merely a camera, then certainly you are quite a far from the actuality of Go Pro Hero 5 Black. In reality, it is more than just a camera. You can call it a complete shooting solution that accompanies sharing and editing videos capability with it. You can take it to your outdoor shooting like at beaches, mountains or anywhere. 
The arrival of Go Pro Hero 5 Black seems to create a big hullabaloo in the entire camera and photography industry. As the new model is upgraded with the features which were unavailable in its predecessor. The touchscreen is the key addition to the new model of Go Pro Hero. In addition, it has everything that you found in the previous model Go Pro Hero 4 Black like an amazing photo and video quality. Though the inclusion of the touchscreen and many other new features have made this model better than the previous one. With the upgraded version, the new Go Pro Hero 5 Black comes at $399. 
The new camera of Go Pro Hero 5 Black is made of polycarbonate housing which makes it stronger than before. It is a waterproof and dustproof setup that makes it perfect for outdoor shootings. So, now, you don’t have to think again and again about snow, sand, rain, surf or mud because nothing can damage this device. You won’t find any muffled audio that comes while sealing up and the cover replacement of lens is simple. In case, you look for more safety, you can use housing case that adds depth for around 60 meters. 
Moreover, the new GoPro Hero 5 is no more based on three-button settings. Here, you have a record button located at its top that you can use to power up or start your video recording. After that, press it once more to stop that recording or turn the system off. On its side, there is a small button for shooting mode which plays the role of power button also. 
If you feel that to use the camera, no hand is free, then here you can control the camera with your voice that is a truly incredible feature. This functionality works brilliantly in general. Though, the voice command does not work for turn on or off the wireless, inbuilt GPS of the system. In crowded areas or noisy environments such as biking etc., it works amazingly. To do it, you have to use GoPro Remo voice-activated waterproof remote that enables the video shooting guy to ride through the roads by affixing camera on the helmet and use camera totally hands-free. 
This Go Pro Hero 5 carries all the shooting modes as available in its predecessor like video shooting at 4K resolution at 30 f/second and 1080 p at 120 f/second. Few new options have arrived 12 mp photos at raw format with more control of editing and attractive range of video modes. It includes a linear view option that helps to correct any distortion appearing in the photos or videos. 
Besides these features, wind noise has also been addressing in Go Pro Hero 5 as there are now 3 mics coming with black model and its camera automatically switches through them to serve the best stereo audio quality. Thus, you get a control on wind reduction as well as stereo audio with this model. 
Taking up the services GoPro Plus that cost $5 /month, you get cloud service which enables the users to directly upload, edit or even share videos or photos over the computer or phone. This service also provides an access to the library of all the licenses music to add in the clips. Thus, you can add desired sound effect in your videos to get the more vibrant feel from them.

Final Words – 
After going through the entire review for Go Pro Hero 5, it is quite clear that upgrading to this model is definitely worth because of the new features. Though upgrade is worthy only if you use Hero3 or Hero3+ Black as the features it carries are better and superior to these two. If you already use Hero 4 Black or Silver, then we must say it will be unnecessary to upgrade to the new model. Still, if you want to have more shooting options like wide and raw dynamic photo capture range, removable battery, touchscreen, GPS, waterproof body, stereo audio, digital image stabilisation and voice control, cloud support etc, then Go Pro Hero 5 Black is worth your consideration. 

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