Sony Camera A7sii & A7rii – Choosing The Right One From Two!

Feb 16, 2023

The time, Sony launched its Sony camera A7 SII in the market, all the videographers showed their joy as it is regarded as the greatest low priced video camera of the time. Earlier, the company brought another camera Sony A7R II and it seems the A7S II and A7R II has many similarities. Hence, we are here to give you a thorough comparison between two revolutionary low cost cameras by Sony. This comparison will help you decide the right camera model for your videography needs.

To find out which is the best camera model from Sony A7S II and Sony A7R II, we have conducted a lab test and discovered the capabilities and shortcomings of both of these models which we will discuss in this article. By giving you an unbiased comparison, we aim to help you find the best solution that serve your specific camera needs.

From the outside –

As opposed to the A7S original, these two camera models have a similar physical design. The big difference lies in the sensor only. Both of the camera models boast of full-frame sensor; however the Sony A7S II is equipped with 12.2 MP Exmor Sony CMOS sensor and the another Sony A7R II model is furnished with Exmore R BSI 42 MP CMOS sensor. No doubt, it makes the new Sony A7R II camera better product as compared to Sony A7S II. So, all the professional photographers who seeks great megapixels would love to choose Sony A7R II because of its sensor quality.

Great Range –

A good range in a camera is highly important for all filmmakers as it provides a capability to make high contrast videos or clips without under or over exposure, shadows and highlights get saved giving an organic filmic appearance. So as far as range is concerned in both of these camera models, in Sony A7R II, if you use Slog2 gamma 4K resolution mode, you will find more range as compared to Sony A7S II. It is actually interesting thing, but in Sony A7S II, you will see Slog 3 gamma feature.

So, after checking the range of both of these cameras, it is found that by setting up Sony A7S II at Slog3Cine mode, you can match its range to A7R II. But, Slog 3 is definitely not a perfect gamma mode because camera is restrained to 8-bit colours which may result in different banding concerns. Hence, Slog 2 will be a better setting for gamma. Here, Sony A7R II wins the game at range.

Rolling Shutter –

The rolling shutter is an experience that twists the camera picture when one records a fast-moving thing or while fast pans and camera moves when it is hand-held.

The Sony A7S II features a similar performance of rolling shutter at 4K just like original A7S does. With the best photo quality mode at the Sony A7R II, you can find the effect of rolling shutter to be approximately 12% higher as compared to Sony A7R II. But, when you set the A7R II at full-frame 4K mode, it will deliver 50% better performance for rolling shutter.

Thus, we can conclude that both these models feature a powerful rolling shutter performance at the best photo quality modes, just as most other advanced cameras do by using CMOS larger sensor. Here, the Sony A7S II wins with its slightly better rolling shutter performance from the Sony A7R II.

Quality & Resolution –

This is an interesting comparison of Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II resolution. Both of these camera models are capable of recording great 4K image from inside with the help of a range of HD and crop modes. Here we have performed a comparison test between A7R II and A7S II for their resolution and photo crop quality at 4K modes. To the whole, the photo quality look quite same, yet there are two noticeable facts. One is; in Sony A7R II, you will find a little sharpening occurring, so by adding a little sharpening later in the picture taken from A7S II, the quality will be similar as the earlier model.

By switching off the full-frame mode in Sony A7R II, you will find the photo quality becomes a little compromised, yet it is good. Thus, here Sony A7R II steals the show by featuring a better resolution and image quality to users.

HD Modes –

It is found that in Sony A7S II, the HD modes are greatly matching the quality of A7S original, but the Sony A7R II camera has not proved as good as the first one. Especially, the crop mode is found very soft in A7R II as it has some aliasing which makes it less recommendable to buyers. Though this model delivers satisfying results in the full-frame mode and this quality is certainly comparable to the A7S original as well as the image quality captured by A7S II.

Lowlight performance –

It is a great part to discuss because the camera users would like to know if the Sony A7R II is capable of matching the lowlight performance of A7S II or not. Well, the answer is a clear no. After comparing the ISO speeds up to ISO 25,600 in both of these cameras, interestingly, the A7R II camera did not perform that bad in the lowlight, but in ISO low modes, it can certainly match the details of A7S II. Moreover, the noise performance in A7S II is a way better and the photos are cleaner. The performance in full frame mode in A7R II are not that usable and in too low ISO, the quality is not satisfying. In this camera model, the ISO 6400 is also very noisy.

At this point of lowlight performance, the A7S II becomes a clear winner with its 2 stops, but when we talk about crop mode, the A7R II is also not a bad performer. At ISO 25,600, it retains great shadow detailing; however there is noise issue that will bother the photographers for sure. So, those who seek a camera that performs well in lowlight, the A7S II is a perfect fit to go with.

Wrap Up –

Finally, after evaluating the performance of Sony A7S II and A7R II, we have not found much difference in both camera models. The colours of the videos are quite well in both these models and they are capable of making impressive 4K internal videos. No doubt, there are few things that make one better on other, yet overall, both are a good buy for photographers.

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