What is Kelvin White Balance

Feb 16, 2023

Indeed, the great and professional photographers know that how they have to maximize and attain the white balance in the pictures to bring the true colors in the pictures. Ensuring white balance in your photography makes you a great photographer. And the best way to make sure you get white balance is by attaining the techniques of Kelvin. Before knowing how Kelvin is used in photography lets see what is Kelvin.

What is Kelvin and Kelvin white balance:

Kelvin is the standard international unit of measurement for temperature. It was named after a British engineer Willian Thomson. The Kelvin follows the same increments as Celsius degree but not written in degrees. The Kelvin scale begins at 0k which is absolute zero where there is no heat. 

If you are a new photographer and trying to learn some skills then you might want to know how to shoot kelvin when there is no presence of heat. The premium photographers are highly professional and they can easily manage to get a Kelvin shot even in the presence of different lights. The technique of getting a perfect image is having an absolute combination of colors that given Kelvin white balance. Usually, the new photographers mix up the Kelvin shoot with AWB but they are totally different yet they both are done in zero heat. 

How to shoot:

Basically, when you shoot in Kelvin white balance you need to think which light you want. You can think of any light that you want like yellow and blue etc. If you want for instance tungsten color in the shoot then your light will look yellow and you have to change your settings to around 2800K. If you want a lower temperature use 2500K. 

The whole shoot depends upon the controls and settings of your camera and the light you chose. 

Tips for shooting pictures in Kelvin white balance:

  • The easiest thing that you can do is that take the picture in auto white balance that will help you in taking a perfect kelvin shoot without making any further adjustments. If you still have some problems you can edit them to have a perfect shot. 
  • Every camera comes with a standard white balance setting with different colors that you can choose to maintain the effects of the shoot. Go to the settings of the camera and select your standard white balance to maintain kelvin white balance in your pictures and videos. 
  • Use the artificial white balance to make your pictures glowing and lively. It could be tricky as you have to mix up some combinations of different colors to lighten up the room to maintain the Kelvin.
  • You can also focus on a white balance object that will bring out the picture color and brightness, some of the new photographers try this thing to learn kelvin white balance.

So, if you are really not a professional photographer who knows how to use Kelvin white balance than you can follow these simple and easy steps to have a perfect white balance shot.     

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