Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR – A Great Photography Tool!

Feb 16, 2023

Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR – A Great Photography Tool!

Photography and videography are a big industry that belongs to several tools, equipment and accessories. The light meter is one of the most useful photography accessories that contribute greatly to take the best shots in different environments. Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR is a fantastic product that accompanies a big and intuitive colour 2.7 inches touchscreen LCD. It also has an inbuilt power control radio flash. With the advanced technology and quality features, it can make incident metering of flash light and ambient super convenient. The features of this solution give full control of power flash in 0.1-step increments. Apart from it, there is a radio system which features a separate selection within ControlTL 3 zones or standard triggering 4 zones with already measured counts determined for finding the ratio.

This light meter model features a big colour LCD touchscreen that enables rapid control on flash metering and ambient settings. It is perfectly capable of working at -2 to 22.9 EV on ISO 100 range. In addition, Sekonic Leight Meter L-478DR can expand at its normal still functions with 2 different video modes namely HD Cine and Cine. These functions provide access to rate selection for the frame from 1-1,000 fps and angle settings for shutter from 1-358 degrees and ISO 850 for cine cameras of Canon.

Technical specifications of Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR

Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR is regarded to be the world’s first touchscreen light meters. They possess a unique array and carry some must-have things that are needed for both the motion and still story tellers. The complex size of these meters is very comfortable for use and is familiar too. They carry a quite big LCD screen display with the size of 2.7” and show flash, ambient, cine and other information in a very understandable manner. The settings can be made easily by touching or sliding the finger just over the screen.

Knowing all about the wireless techs, Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR has an exclusive PocketWizard ControlTL technology that combines the flash power control and light measurement which provides amazing control in your hand.

The key features for Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR are listed below-

1.                  AAA Batteries

2.                  Wireless triggering powered by Built-in PocketWizard

3.                  Color touch screen

4.                  PocketWizard ControlTL technology to give wireless flash power control

5.                  Luminance Mode, Cine or HDCine Modes and TF Priority Mode

6.                  Shutter speed, Expanded ISO and aperture ranges

7.                  Shows % of flash in the total exposure

8.                  Meters flash and ambient light

9.                  Incident metering

10.              Retractable and removable hemisphere

Concluding on Sekonic light meter -

1.         For Still Photographers

·         It provides a completely featured mode of ambient – flash that includes a new T-F mode. The user can compare measure and mix the flash and ambient that is shown on the touch screen to get controlled and beautiful results.

·         The next feature of DTS Exposure Profiling helps in getting it matched with the meter with the performance of your camera but it needs a separate Sekonic or X-rite exposure targets. Also, the user can enjoy the most prices lighting and exposure with repeatable metering.

2.         For Filmmakers

·         The modes of Cine/HD Cine are for today's HDSLR and Video Cine cameras. The user can easily switch between the HDSLR and Cine to get the settings with exact exposure in the exact increments for both.

·         The user also enjoys an infinite frame rate and selection of shutter angle. The user can even make new and unique settings for some applications. The Video cine cameras are boundless.

·         The filmmakers can utilise the light-source filtration and unique compensation mode. At last the precise control lightning is done as per the industry standard CTO/CTB/ND kinds and can be used at a finger’s touch.

·         These meters have the ability to measure the illumination and extended ISO range. Exposures and lighting design come in s single tool. The settings of ISO and exposure are done so that they can match the digital cameras of today.

By taking the help of a Sekonic light meter when a photographer works with fill-flash, it makes it very easy to find the amount of need for flash vs. ambient light in the scene. The percentage of flash can be chosen very easily from the left of the meter.

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