Is Zoom H6 Handy Sound Recorder Worth Buy Product?

Feb 16, 2023

In the world of music and sound recording, Zoom H6 Handy Sound Recorder is a revolutionary innovation that has a true power to change the methods you have ever been using to record. The company Zoom has been developing advanced technological products for the past 30 years. But with the launch of Zoom H6 Handy Sound Recorder, the success bar for innovation has grown much bigger. This H6 Handy six-track recorder has interchangeable 4 input capsules namely MS, X/Y, Shotgun and Dual XLR/TRS Combo. These input capsules are the main ingredients that make this product the best innovation of the audio world. Moreover, the advanced preamps of this recorder make it an ideal sounding solution of the time. This means that whatever your recording task is, whether it is live recording, live broadcast, professional film or video work, electronic news collection, this device can manage everything smoothly.

Zoom H6 – A Great Portable Sound Recorder Of The Time –

Zoom H6 is actually a wonderful sound recorder that carries amazing features to make recording a fun job. It is made of 6 interchangeable mic capsules which can easily be swapped like swapping the camera lenses. With this recorder, you can personify the live recording. The integrated X/Y capsules have dual angled advanced unidirectional mics. These mics are very sensitive to audio signals that come from its front angle and less sensitive to the rear signals and side signals. The X/Y audio recording becomes balanced when an operator covers a huge area and captures a centre image that makes it the ideal solution for all kinds of stereo live recordings.

The technical specifications and features of Zoom H6 Handy Sound Recorder are as follows-

  1. Zoom H6 Handy Sound Recorder has a large full – colour LCD display that can be put at any angle so that all the environments are read easily.
  2. The BWF-complaint of this recorder can go up to 24-bit / 96kHz audio or it can be said that it has a variety of MP3 formats.
  3. This recorder has the ability to record directly to the SDHC, SD and SDXC cards that can go up to 128GB of memory.
  4. The recorder comes with the independent monitor, virtual VU meters, voice memo, playback mixes and up to 99 marks per recording.
  5. The recorder also has the facility of overdubbing which goes up to 99 takes.
  6. There are many built-in effects in this recorder that includes compression, low-cut filtering and limiting.
  7. The dimension of H6 is 3.06 x 6.01 x 1.88" (77.8 x 152.8 x 47.8mm).
  8. The variable playback speed varies from fifty percent to hundred and fifty percent.
  9. The variable pitch per track works without having an effect on the playback speed.
  10. This recorder can continuously record for more than  20 hours with Alkaline Battery
  11. MS Decoding onboard
  12. Loop A/B Playback
  13. Phantom power to main inputs such as +12/+24/+48V
  14. Maximum 99 takes overdubbing
  15. Playback mixes and independent monitor

Pros of H6 Recorder-       

  1. This gadget has input capsules that are interchangeable which can take part very easily just like the exchanging of the lens of a camera.
  2. There are many functions with this gadget like the auto-record, backup – record and pre-record which means that you will never miss a chance to get the perfect take.
  3. There is USB port given in this recorder which allows the user to do the exchange of data from a computer.

What Comes in The Box –

When you buy Zoom H6 Handy Sound Recorder, it will come with an operation manual, case, windscreen, LR6 AA Size battery x 4, 6 MS MSH Mic Capsule, USB cable, LE Cubase software, 2 GB SD card and XYH 6 mic capsule.

Final take on Zoom H6 Handy Sound Recorder-

The best part about this recorder is that you can easily use it with a number of applications. The way of swappable capsule indicates that for ENG kinds, it becomes an obvious choice. The H6 can also be easily used to record the live bands and combine the XLR or TRS input capsule to give 6 inputs for the receiving of a signal from a mixing board. This would make a magnificent deal of understanding for those artists who work and draft in a fashion which is more “stripped-down”.

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