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Feb 14, 2023

Are you a content creator? If yes, then this might fit into your interests. Whether a person creates content for their YouTube channel or for any other platforms where they post their vlogs; a great mic for speaking into it is a basic necessity. A video or even recorded audio is often dropped after a few moments of playing if they sound distorted which is a big turn-off for listeners. Hollyland provides a solution for such problems as they provide products with wireless technologies. The company was founded in the year 2013 and has gradually won the trust of its customers around the globe through its excellence and quality of products. 
The company launches great products back to back as recently they launched DJI Mic which proved to be an excellent alternate for content creators who were into RODE Wireless GO II. After the company introduced its Lark 150, it moved toward launching Lark M1. It’s a 2.4 GHz microphone system that promises to provide not just high-quality audio but which is also Omni-directional; suitable for all content creators looking for a lavish experience. Although it’s smaller in size but has mighty specifications of a reliable microphone system. With a sleek and compact structure, it resembles a fancy lighter.

Lark M1’s Interior

It’s enclosed within an Airpod-style case whose interior has a yellow color to it. Upon opening the case, a customer finds two separate wireless recording systems. They are light in weight and smaller in size as they weigh only about 11.8 grams and are only a centimeter thick. It clips easily to a subject’s shirt and through its receiver connects to any smartphone or camera without much hustle. An optional connecting cable whether a TRS or USB- C is therefore required depending upon the type of phone which is being used.

Lark M1 Features

1. Omni-Directional Audio System
It has LC3 Codec technology which allows it to record vocals with intricate details. The sampling rate of Lark M1 is up to 48 kHz/16bit which provides a HiFi quality of sound with rich details of the audio.
2. Inbuilt Noise Cancellation System
An innovative Noise Cancellation technology by Hollyland named as HearClear is installed which turns on with just a single click. The canceling algorithm used allows recording audio with high quality irrespective of its surrounding environment. A content creator can expect high performance from this device as it filters out the ambient noise from its surroundings for a clear recorded video in the end. However, if this feature is turned off, it provides a real-life effect through a richer audio ambiance.
3. Lasting Battery Power
Although a separate USB-C port is available within each TX and RX for anyone who wants to charge it directly. However, apart from that, the battery of a TX lasts up to 8 hours for continuous recording when the RX is fully charged. It has an operating time that lasts up to 20 hours. The case charges within 1.5 hours through a USB-C cable.
4. Compatibility
The device has a wide range of compatibility as it supports not just smartphones with Ios or Android but also connects to cameras, tablets, or any computer. A range of 4 different cables is provided to the user for choosing the one they require for usage.  All these cables have a standard length of about 3.5 mm. A TRS to TRS cable is available when a user wants to connect to a camera, another TRS to TRRS patch cable is available for computer or smartphone connectivity, TRS to Lightning cable for iOS connectivity whereas a fourth TRS to Type C is available for connecting to android phones.
5. Self-adaptable Device
The device is easy to use as it adjusts itself in accordance with the operation being carried out. It has a self-adaptive algorithm that helps it to manage itself for professional results. The settings are automatically adjusted without the need of any manual setting by the user. However, pairing and switching between modes can be performed manually which comes under advanced settings provided by this device.
6. Wireless Range
It covers a distance of about 200 m; within this radius of length, it provides recorded audio with undisrupted results.
7. Connectivity
As the case has two people recording audio devices inside, each of these has two separate buttons on them. One is for power which allows it to turn on and off whereas the other one is used for noise cancellation. It connects automatically to a camera or a mobile phone without the need for any manual adjustment.

Two Packages

Lark M1 has availability of two distinct options namely Duo and Solo. The Solo package contains a single TX and RX unit in it whereas the Duo has two TX units with a single RX unit along with a charging case. The duo is a better option as it comes with a case that not only charges the device but also helps in its protection. It’s compact with a small size which makes its handling easier for its users who can easily put it inside their pockets during traveling.

Our Verdict

The Hollyland Lark M1 costs around $149 USD which proves to be a great investment for content creators. They no longer need a mic with wires attached to it while recording which proves to be quite difficult when it comes to their handling. A manual adjustment with a camera or phone is another issue that takes a much portion of their time. However, all these issues are being resolved with the latest product by Hollyland which is none other than Lark M1 which comes in two different packages for making it affordable for its users. The latest noise cancellation system, a variety of connecting cables, long-lasting power, and a wide spectrum of wireless range makes it a perfect choice for any blogger who wants to create a high-quality audio recording for their platform.

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