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Feb 16, 2023

Go Pro is extensively used for a variety of photography requirements. Be it outdoor photography or photography in inaccessible places, Go Pro works greatly to capture the best aerial shots of an object. Though to get the most out of your Go Pro, you should have relevant Go Pro accessories and mounts. Without having knowledge of these required accessories, you cannot have the best shot with your Go Pro. Here, we are going to talk about few the most critical Go Pro accessories and mounts that are must be used with Go Pro to have the most attractive photography at any place.

Use Of Go Pro –

The photographers use Go Pro for filming anything. However, to explore the innumerable possibilities, you should have some other required gadgets with you. As far as the Go Pro accessories are concerned, there are boundless gadgets that come with these accessories. Some of these accessories come from Go Pro and some of them from third party manufacturers. To keep you steer away from buying any second-rated gadget, we have brought a list of the most required Go Pro accessories and mounts that you should definitely invest in.


Go Pro Accessories –

Go Pro cannot do anything unless you attach it with the necessary gadgets. There are countless accessories that are made for Go Pro, but here we will talk about only the most important ones.

Housing For Go Pro –

A housing is an integral accessory for Go Pro. Almost all the Go Pro mounts feature a GoPro 3 standard prong mount or a quick-release GoPro buckle adapter. Hence, usually, the camera comes with a matching buckle or 2 prong interface. In reality, a camera does not bring any of them; however they come with housings only. For example, the Hero 5 Black has no housing, though it supports The Frame for Hero5 Black housing.

There are different types of housing available for Go Pro. As per your Go Pro model, you can find compatible housing for it. Some housing features qualities like skeleton backdoors and waterproof to enable users to use it even underwater without removing the housing. So, there are so many types of housing available in the market that you can buy for your Go Pro.

Adhesive Mounts For Go Pro –

After housing, next important accessory is the mount that has to be attached onto the housing of your Go Pro. Mounts are categorized in varied types depending on the usage and requirement and here we have elaborated each type in detail.

Mounts For Go Pro Tripod –

These mounts enable the photographers to mount the GoPro on the top of a tripod, selfie stick or a monopod. This mount set includes a standard buckle adapter, a standard 3-prong adapter as they help securing the GoPro. Each adapter features ¼ inches to 20 inches threaded hole at its bottom to attach to a suitable ¼ inches to 29 inches screw on monopod, selfie stick or tripod.

GoPro Curved & Flat Adhesive Mounts –

These mounts are designed to connect the GoPro with anything like a wall or a bike helmet that may have a curvy or a flat surface. They have a buckle adapter that allows the users to stick it on anywhere. They are fully waterproof and have industrial strength and are free from a risk to fall off. In addition, you don’t have to struggle much to remove them off. Just like them, there is another mount namely removable instrument mount which is an adhesive made to connect to musical instruments like guitars and drums.

Clamp Mounts For GoPro-

These clamp mounts are just as the compact pliers which are used to grip anything having thickness up to 2 inches. It comes with a fast-release buckle adapter and an adjustable gooseneck.

Just as Clamp, there is another accessory named Jam which features an articulating arm designed to it. This is mainly designed for musical instruments. As it features strong grip to instruments like drums, mic stands, guitars and others to capture videos and photos from unique angles.

Helmet Mounts –

Helmet mounts can either be side mount or front mount. They are adhesive mounts which are made to be attached to a helmet. It features a swivel adapter which allows the users to set up the camera easily. If you have a vented helmet, then there is another mount named Helmet strap mount. This type of mount secures to a helmet with its strapping to the vents. In addition, for armed forces like police or military helmets, there are NVG mount.

Strap Mounts For GoPro –

Go Pro introduces the strap mounts which are made to be worn on camera of the user. The strap mounts are quite universal type of mounts which come in a set of 3 separate straps include arm or leg strap, wrist strap and a hand strap. Depending on your convenience, you can choose a suitable one for you. 

Watersports Accessories For GoPro –

If you love underwater photography, then watersports GoPro accessories would certainly grab your attention. For underwater activities, GoPro has introduced some useful filters that enable the photographers to capture great photographs underwater. The environment underwater usually come with a variety of colors and shades and by the use of these filters, you can make required color correction whenever needed.

The selection of these filters should be made on the basis of water color of the sea. For example, if you need to capture photos from clear fresh water or blue saltwater, then the best filters will be Red Dive Filter for Hero5 Black with Dive Housing and Red Dive Filter for Hero4 Dive Housing. If the water color is green, then Magenta dive filter will be the right one for underwater photography.

External Audio Accessories For GoPro –

Almost every GoPro model features in inbuilt mic; however for better audio quality, you should get an external mic as an important GoPro accessory. For integrating an external mic, GoPro features specific adapters which enables the photographers to switch an external mic to the USB port of the camera. The Pro 3.5mm Mic adapter and 3.5mm Mic Adapter are two key examples of external audio mic for GoPro.

Aerial & Gimbal Video Accessories For GoPro –

In 2016, we were introduced with GoPro Karma Quadcopter which is a small device with many exceptional features. The best thing about the Karma is its stabilizer that is easily removable and can be connected to the integrated Karma Handle to the 3-axis stabilizer namely Karma Grip. You can also purchase Karma Grip separately as it encourages smooth video production. The product is designed to reduce the vibrations that usually occur when the filmmaker runs or walks. This way, it improves the overall quality of a video.    

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