Everything You Should Know About DJI Osmo Plus!

Feb 16, 2023

Everything You Should Know About DJI Osmo Plus!
DJI OSMO Plus is a great action camera or gimbal/stabiliser combo that can be the best addition to any professional cinematographer or photographer. Coming at the whopping price, Osmo Plus enhances the original video or picture in a significant way. Outfitted with the 3.5x zoom lens and coupled with 2x lossless digital zoom for a great focal length that ranges from 22mm to 77 mm. This zoom can only be lossless if you shoot the videos at 1080 p resolution. Though it can shoot 4k videos too, but to magnify that action, you have to drop down the video to 1080 p. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to select the highest resolution video as well as the power to zoom it as required. 
Wholly, the device can easily shoot 4k videos at 30 f/s and if there is a slow motion footage, you get an option to make the video at 1080 p resolution at 100 f/s. Moreover, you can take out 12 mp still pictures from the videos. As per the company, the stabilisation of camera is also being enhanced in this model. 
The new Osmo plus features a whole new mode of motion timelapse which allows the videographers to choose a starting and ending point to add a slow motion in the video. This feature automatically moves throughout the session and adds the moving time-lapse within both the points. This effect creates a fantastic appeal in the videos. 
It seems as the DJI Osmo plus works on the same gimbal as in the previous version of Osmo and to sync, you can take help of DJI Go app on your smartphones or iOS devices. If you want to use it without a hand-held gimbal, go with a tripod, extension rod or a bike mount. 
As action cameras are meant to shoot videos in harsh weather conditions, Osmo plus offers an extra warranty namely, Osmo Shield. This means, now your warranty automatically doubles. As of now, the product has reached out in the global market and you can easily buy it from any trustworthy photography store. Before that, let’s us present some key features of DJI Osmo Plus here. 
An Advanced Stabilization Technology – 
The DJI Osmo plus is designed on an advanced stabilisation technique which helps to keep the device flat in all conditions. Regardless of how you move or use it, it will be flat every time. This feature remains same with live streaming as well as while shooting the first video footage. It is optimised for the incredible stability for still, the photo captures. 
Create Moving Selfies With DJI Osmo Plus – 
Selfies are the hottest trend in photography that every “wannabe” photographer adores. But with DJI Osmo Plus, you can add movements in your selfies. It features the focal distance which begins right from 0.5 meters. So, if you capture video from this distance, you will be in perfect focus to shoot moving selfies. To use this option, tap thrice on the trigger button and the selfie mode will start and here, your moving selfie is ready to shoot. 
Through Panorama – 
Capture big and comprehensive landscape picture which you actually like to frame. Though you can do it with the help of Osmo plus and a smartphone. The thorough panorama feature will capture the picture automatically and mixes 9 different pictures together for making one captivating picture. 
Long Exposure In Osmo Plus – 
With Osmo Plus, you can have long exposure photo shots. These shots will be fully sharp and crisp. For this quality, you don’t even require a tripod. The Osmo plus stabilisation system helps to keep the device fully still and allows the photographers to capture free-hand long exposure shots. 
A Superior Camera – 
The DJI Osmo Plus features a great camera that enables the photographers to shoot greatly crisp 1080 p at 100 f/s slow motion shots and 4K videos at 30 f/s shots with crisp quality. The integrated FlexiMic allows the users to add a better sound capture and shoot 12 mp stills in DNG RAW to feature better editing support. 
Accessorize – 
The DJI Osmo plus comes with several extensions and mounts to allow the videographers and photographers to use the device in all situations. With a tripod, you can set down the Osmo Plus for extra stability and long-distance control onto it. It also comes with a Bike Mount that allows the users to take the device on rides. The Extension rod widens up the range of new angles. 
Final Verdict – 
Overall, the DJI Osmo plus is a revolutionary device for any cinematographer or photographer who wants to create magic with his or her videos. No doubt, it accompanies many features that you have already used in its previous model, yet there are many other exciting features that make it unique and the best photography solution of the time.

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