Essential Products for Time-Lapse Photography

Feb 16, 2023

Time-lapse photography has grain a lot of attention in recent times. This method is used to capture light trails, moon movements, or capture rockets going up in the sky. It is a great option in situations when there is low light. This type of photography is used to show a lot of things in a short amount of time. 
The idea is to take many photographs and then combine them to make a single piece. The outcome is breathtaking, everything will move faster, and you get to experience a lot in a short time. The end result is a video that shows images one after another. To make it work, we think there are five products that can help you. These equipment are mentioned below.

5 Products to make a perfect time lapse

1. Tripod

This is the base of time-lapse photography. When taking photographs, your movement may be unstable, so a tripod makes you stable. You have to get the best tripod that you can buy in your budget. A high-quality head means better time lapse. Your tripod mustn’t be influenced by the bumps, wind, and movements. 

2. A wide Angle Zoom

There is no such thing as one lens for all. A common thing in time-lapse photography is wide angle zoom. We don't say that you shouldn’t use a long lens, but wide angle zoom is a far better choice. Focal length depends on the size of a camera sensor. The speed of a lens is an important factor, especially when you are taking photographs during night time.

3. Intervalometer

It is another equipment that is the heart of time-lapse photography. It is a device that controls how long and how many photos your camera will take. 
Normally, the device comes in one or two shapes, and the only purpose it serves is taking timed photographs at a certain interval. Some photographers may find this equipment intimidating because, without an intervalometer, you can manually set the camera to do the same job. But why go to this length when you have this equipment to help you in these modern times.

4. A big memory card

Because you will be taking a lot of shots, you need a lot of memory. Even bigger card if you are shooting raw. It depends on the resolution of the camera and the quality of the images. Therefore, it is essential to have a memory card that can handle the number of photos you are going to take. 

5. A power bank

A common problem that most photographers face during a time lapse is camera running out of battery before the time lapse is complete. With a power bank, you can complete your project at the right time. There are a good variety of power banks available in the market, if you are going on long trips, a power bank that is powerful enough can give you an extension.         

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