DSLR Vs Mirrorless Cameras: Which is the Best?

Feb 16, 2023

DSLR Vs Mirrorless? It is a relatively new question for Pakistanis!

If you are a professional then it is easy to decide between one or the other since you already have a fair share of experience, but for consumers and beginners, it a big deal. Looking at the market, the DSLR camera prices in Pakistan are soaring up, and the situation is the same for Mirrorless camera price in Pakistan. A bad decision means losing a lot of money.
The main difference between both is in the name and features. DSLR is an old concept, but its market is still strong. On the other hand, Mirrorless cameras have a new concept and they are gaining popularity with each passing year. Without further boring you, let's discuss how one is different from the other.

Mirrorless Vs DSLR for Beginners

Let’s start with DSLR cameras and tell you how they work. DSLR uses the same old design of 35mm cameras from the previous decade. There is a mirror inside DSLR’s body that reflects light coming from lens to the prism and into the viewfinder. When you click to capture an image, the mirror flips and the shutter is open, light hits image sensor and your image is captured.
The process is fairly different in mirrorless. Light passes from the lens to the image sensor that captures preview for you on your screen. As you already noticed that there isn't a mirror, hence the name Mirrorless cameras.

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Pros and Cons

One question that someone of us may have is why people buy DSLR when Mirrorless is the future? Why invest in a camera that has a decade-old technology? The answer is both have pros & cons, which is why people buy what suits them best.

Mirrorless Pros

  • Small size and Weight
  • Video oriented
  • No shutter sound
  • Fast shooting
  • Real-time preview

Mirrorless Cons

  • Low Battery life
  • Expensive than DSLR
  • Limited custom settings
  • Fewer accessories and lenses


  • Long battery life
  • Excellent price and performance
  • Lots of custom settings
  • Durable body
  • Many accessories and lenses


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Shower burst speed
  • Loud Shutter

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Image Quality

The quality-of-image depends on the size of the sensor. Larger sensors offer high resolution and better image quality. The common sensor formats for DSLR are:

  • Full-Frame: It is a standard 35mm format. Nikon D-Series and Canon EOS are all full-frame cameras.  
  • APS C: It is also known as the cropped frame, which means 40% of the full-frame. All popular brands like Sony, Samsung, and Pentax have APS-C sensor cameras.

Both of these sensors are also available in mirrorless. The major difference is full-frames are costly. If you crop the sensor, it means you sacrifice quality, but that will save you a lot of money, especially if you are a beginner and looking to get started.
Most manufacturers nowadays equip new models with full-frame sensors. If two cameras have the same sensors and similar technical specifications then the picture quality of both will be the same. There is a lot of debate about the image quality in the international market, but in reality, the difference in image quality is close to none.  

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Video

Digital content creation has opened new doors for Pakistanis, now more people want to make videography their career than before. Many DSLRs lack good LCD and real-time display, which has helped mirrorless to takeover.
Most Mirrorless come with a responsive screen and 4k shoot, along with a light body that makes these cameras an ideal choice for videographers. But that doesn't mean DSLRs have cheap video quality, some of the canon beginner models can easily outshine any beginner mirrorless in the video.
When deciding between mirrorless and DSLR, think how will you use it? Do you want to make videos from a close distance or far away? Another factor to consider is, DSLRs have a slight edge when it comes to lenses, but not all lenses can help you record good quality videos. If you want to record HD then you might have to buy expensive equipment. On the other hand, most mirrorless cameras come with 4K option and don't require many tweaks.  

DSLR Vs Mirrorless: Recommendations

Today, most manufacturers have DSLR and mirrorless models available in the market. Here are few that you can check:


  • Panasonic Lumix Gx80
  • Sony A6400 A6500, A6600, A7iii
  • Canon EOS R
  • Fujifilm X-T3


  • Canon EOS 80D
  • Nikon D3500
  • Canon EOS 90D
  • Canon EOS Rebel SL3
  • Pentax K-70


Mirrorless is no doubt the future, but there are some real-life problems that still exist and unless industry comes up with a solution for these, the market of DSLR will remain healthy. There are many areas in mirrorless that need improvements such as battery life, larger buffer, autofocus system, more lenses, and improved EVFs. These problems are there and the industry is sorting them fast. Within the coming years, we might see DSLRs slowly dying.
Right now both offer quality features at a reasonable cost. Which one you should buy? Leave that questions to all of the factors mentioned above. When you find a suitable camera that inspires you, buy it without hesitation.

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