Dry Cabinets for DSLR Camera Storage – Adding More Life To Your DSLRs!

Feb 16, 2023

If you want to use your DSLR cameras for many years, you have to give it a quality storage and maintenance. Though you cannot store these cameras in any box because they need a good amount of dry environment and appropriate temperature. For this purpose, the use of dry cabinets for DSLR camera storage is known as the best solution among photography experts. This dry cabinet provides a greast amount of safety to the DSLR and other paraphernalia of photography. So, investing in dry cabinets is one of the wisest decision that every professional photographer happily makes. 
How Does A Dry Cabinet Looks – 
This cabinet looks quite alike a fridge that features a fully dry environment. For the safety of DSLRs, it is crucial to provide a dry environment to it while storage. Unlike a refrigerator, in this container, it does not keep the instruments cold, but it controls the level of humidity to maintain dryness of the lenses and cameras for their safety. The internal temperature of the container does not go down or up, but it usually remains balanced or maintains the room temperature where it is kept in. Practically, up to 45% relative humidity range is required for these cabinets to give quality safety to the photography equipment and DSLR. 
Today, you can buy these dry cabinets in different shapes, designs and sizes; however the most prevalent one is the small cabinets because they demand for less maintenance and are easily movable. Moreover, there are many models out in the market that contain several shelves to stack the lenses, flashes, cameras and other tools perfectly in the dry cabinets. 
Different Types Of Dry Cabinets For DSLR Camera Storage – 
In the market, two main types of dry cabinets are found in high demand which include Dessicant Dry cabinets and Electronic Dry cabinets. Let’s discuss both of these dry cabinet types in detail here: 

  • Dessicant Dry Cabinets – If you are tight at your budget and want a simple dry cabinet for DSLRs, then Dessicant dry cabinets are perfect for you. It is an airtight sealed container having a silica gel. It requires less maintenance for proper keep up and is very affordable as compared to electronic ones. Even, these containers can also be made at home by you. Though it comprises of a drawback which cannot be ignore as if the user keeps it open for a long, the gel may get saturated; hence, ruining the objective of this cabinet. There is no regulator or controller comes with this type of box.
  • Electronic Dry Cabinets – If you like to settle the humidity of the container with your hands, then electronic dry cabinet is the best fit for you. It features a control dial to adjust its humidity level. Some cabinet designs are comprising of a digital hygrometer which can be set at an accurate level. This container uses condensation by removing moisture available inside the box.

General features of Dry Cabinets for DSLR camera Storage-

  1. You need a controllable environment in order to store your photographic gear and other valuables.
  2. Dry cabinet features automatic dehumidifying system as it helps in the durable construction for long-term safe-keeping of items.
  3. Has a bright LCD screen to show the levels of interior humidity along with the inside temperature.
  4. The outer part of the cabinet is made from a tempered glass door and welded 1.2mm-thick steel.
  5. The general measurement of dry cabinets is 20.5 x 15.7 x 13.2".
  6. Has an adjustable shelf that can be positioned on the basis of item size that you are storing.
  7. Also, the cabinet has a lining of foam which protects the items against scratching or impacts.
  8. The cabinet can eliminate the dust, moisture and dirt to serve the long-term storage purpose as it offers a controlled environmental condition.

Technical specs for Dry Cabinets needed for DSLR camera Storage-

  • The presence of electronic humidity control system of these dry cabinets is very suitable for long-term storage applications.
  • The button control panel makes it easy for you to get specific interior conditions for storage.
  • The LCD screen is Easy-to-read and displays the percentage of humidity.
  • The air-tight fastener limits dust or moisture from penetrating into the cabinet.
  • The control system will control the corresponding humidity level for nearly up to 24 hours once the power is shut off.
  • The system of dehumidifying immediately regulates the level of humidity and temperature, is energy efficient, as well as silent running.

Advantages of Dry cabinets-

  1. They are very easy to run.
  2. They are very economic and consume very low amount of power.
  3. They are very durable which means that you can use them for a very longer time.
  4. They are very safe as they continue to keep the components safe even after the interruption of power.
  5. Have a standard lock system to keep things safe from any intruder.

Final take on the Dry cabinets-
The primary use of the dry cabinet is to keep the stored contents free from the moisture. They are put to use when the user is in a need of equipment electronic or otherwise, free from all sorts of atmospheric moisture. Mainly, the usage of these cabinets rests at storing the photographic equipment like a high end DSLR cameras because the settling of moisture in any form can be very damaging to some instruments particularly to digital lenses and cameras. Because once they spur fungal growth, they can cause malfunctions to the electronic components. Therefore, HAVING Dry Cabinets for DSLR camera Storage is a must, if you wish to save your electronic devices. Dry boxes can range from comparatively low-priced to highly precise and compact machines but that depends on the use.

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