Newly Launched Product by DJI Called DJI Ronin S

Feb 16, 2023

DJI has launched their new stabilizers which everyone is talking about these days. The launched products are the new Osmo Mobile 2 for smartphones and the stylish and ultra-premium quality 3 axis stabilizer Ronin S for DSLRs and portable cameras. 
Isn’t it something cooler than you can expect, that you have your own stabilizer for setting up your DSLR without any problems. You can do continuous shooting and stabilized shots on the move. It has an accurate precision and you can take shots with your single hand. Here are some unique features of Ronin S that defines its quality in the perfect way.

  • Stylish design:

The innovative framework of this stabilizer with 3 axis rotation gives it an edge over the other competitors. There is nothing like this the market has ever seen with such an attractive design and stylish body that is attracting millions of customers right now. Having difficulty in taking a smooth take? No more with this new model presented by the DJI.

  • Smooth track:

With the help of only one hand, you can take countless pictures with 3 axis rotations and its ultra-smooth track technology. The parameters and customization help you in getting a perfect click in one shot. Already a professional? Then what’s the big deal in chasing something that can give you a hand in getting more up? With the intellectual framework of Ronin S, you can create effortless pictures and videos.

  • Versatility:

The versatility of the Ronin S is even a way head than its other features. You can easily and perfectly handle it without any issue. It has a dual handlebar which supports you in getting a right click at the right time.

  • Eco-system:

What makes the DJI best? Sometimes we need a professional hand but also a little care for our eco-system won’t cause any harm. The manufacturing of the Ronin S is done by using things like a microphone, led lights and even a wireless transmitter that are a part of the junk you may see in your streets sometimes.

  • Dare to move:

This feature sounds interesting doesn’t it? Well, apart from interesting it is way cooler because by using Ronin S you are free to move without even touching your camera again and again to set the positions. You need to put the camera in a position and then take pictures, no hurry, no hassle and still a perfect shot. It really digs up the color and light of the picture without you even working on it, so why don’t you relax and let this gadget do its work. 
So, let's welcome this new professional stabilizer and get some pretty right shots in one click. Most of the professional photographers have agreed that this is really the thing the world needs and this is what we were waiting for. No need to rush things up, just sit and take your pictures freely with this new and amazing Ronin S that is unbeatable in the market because of its amazing features and specifications.    

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