Find Out DJI Ronin MX – Worth Your Investment Or Not!

Feb 16, 2023

Priced at 150,000 PKR , DJI Ronin MX is a great electronic gimbal that comes with two batteries, a controller, a folding stand, a mounting place, handlebars and small ones to make required changes. If you buy a similar product from any other brand, you will have to buy several equipments additionally like extra batteries, controllers and lens support etc; however, DJI brings all of them together in a single package that is actually fabulous. There are some noticeable and admiring things in the package we found that are mount longer lenses and rail rods. The best aspect of this package is that it comes with a fast release bracket which is great to be used for aircraft. All the other gimbal makers charge the buyers additional cost for extra mounts, but DJI does not do that.

What Are Good Things About DJI Ronin MX –
Start with the performance or job these gimbals do and whatever function it is aimed for, it does that brilliantly. The thing that makes DJI Ronin MX different from its previous models is that; it does not design to be fixed to one lens or one camera only. But, Ronin MX has changed the whole game completely. This gimbal can now fly with a lightweight to the medium camera. After completing the flying session, you can have a handheld session with it that makes it actually a wonderful gimbal of the time.
Does It Actually Perform Well –
Indeed, it works amazingly. To check its performance, we conducted a test shot with this gimbal. A casual flight to 24mph had been conducted in gusting winds by us and we had few great clicks with it. Though, the video was not that good as we used a compromised camera; however, we definitely noticed one thing in the footage that it was actually steady footage.
A Good Battery Support –
When we talk about good things of DJI Ronin MX, the battery support comes as a significant aspect because it features a great battery setup and support. The setup is quite different in DJI Ronin MX as compared to the previous models. To feature a better and balanced usage along with M600 Pro and Matrice 600, the source of power is moved and now, the rear plate for battery acts like a mounting stage for the adapter of the battery. This mounting stage enables to use a secondary battery to DJI accessories and cameras. It gets a support of 1580mAh battery power that lasts for 3 hours and just in 70 minutes gets fully charged.
What Is Not Good About DJI Ronin MX –
The DJI Ronin MX is no doubt a great gimbal, yet we cannot deny the fact that it accompanies a few drawbacks that cannot be ignored. Though these are minor issues which you can easily overcome.
Problem With Setup –
When we tried this gimbal with other units than the aircraft, we faced some issues in setup. Especially, when we used its power supply, control and video HD downlink. The Ronin MX enables us to get into the handheld video shooting immediately and pop it off from aircraft. The device enables the user to easily swap out to any other airframe and speeds up the entire workflow.
The recommended setup by DJI for the Ronin MX is with A3 flight controller which is a kind of short range HD wireless device. The device takes the signal for video only to aircraft and after that to DJI Lightbridge 2. Here, we found the real setup issue.

  • At this stage, the gimbal has to be attached to the machine.
  • It simply increases the expense, specifically when you fly the large-sized drone.

Using DJI Lightbridge 1, one can mount the device to the Ronin MX back and can easily control from a distance. With Lightbridge 1, you will directly plug the HD camera feed to the gimbal and receive quality HD downlink and there is no need to be attached to a machine. Moreover, it gives a freedom to walk around 1 km away by clipping off the Ronin MX and you would get good control with HD downlink. It simply looks great as compared to switching up with a machine.
Another issue is that the battery tray of the gimbal is very hard to slide in. To easy slide in the battery, you have to slacken the bracket guides of a battery to tweak it at an angle.
So, the issues are very small with DJI Ronin MX. Overall, it is a great device that supports several modern camera systems. Let’s discuss various camera systems that can be supported by Ronin MX here:

  • Nikon D800
  • ARRI Alexa Mini
  • Black Magic Cinema Camera
  • Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Sony Alpha 7 Series
  • Panasonic GH5 and GH4
  • Canon 5D MK IV, 5D MK III, 5D MK II, C100, 1DC, 6D, 6D MK II, 7D and 7D MK II.

More About DJI Ronin MX –
After testing the DJI Ronin MX on various aspects, we found that it is a great gimbal and worth the investment for any serious filmmaker. So, we would definitely recommend this device to the photography enthusiasts. This is indeed a wonderful platform and DJI has actually introduced a fantastic gimbal in the form of Ronin MX. It is a multifunctional gimbal that is loaded with great features and power performance.
Talking about previous Ronin models, we must admit that they have been less motor strength and imbalanced flying. Moreover, they had been designed to be tied on the lens and camera that makes the filmmaking a little complex. But, this gimbal gives more freedom and ease to the users. With the advanced functionality of this gimbal, the DJI has nailed its excellence as gimbal manufacturer.
Enabling the camera mounted onto it to rotate 360 degrees, the Ronin MX opens up the full filmmaking potential to the users. So, it works great in a place where you need your device to spin and rotate fully. In addition, this motion has much more to explore as its tilt axis may range up to 135 degrees from 90 degrees.
Overall, this product is a great investment for professional filmmakers. 

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