DJI Releases Its New Gimbal, The Osmo Mobile 5

Feb 15, 2023

Started in 2006 from a small office, DJI is now a globally recognized technology company based in Shenzhen, China. Indulged in the production of aerial and ground-based filmmaking tools, drone utility for public safety and aerial surveillance in various commercial industries, and the implementation of drone technology in agriculture.

OM 5 has come a long way in making the design compact from the dumbbell-sized OM 2, it is practically half in size now and conveniently pocketable. The Osmo Mobile 5 uses the magnetic clamp now made detachable, to the relief for some, the clamp is not to be permanently kept stuck on the gimbal. The clamp can now work with the phone case on as well which is yet another advantage as some people like phone cases for the additional accessories on their phone. The downside could be the rigid unfolding system of the gimbal which might at times feel like it might break off.

DJI Osmo Mobile 5 gimbal has a stabilization based on a 3-axis, AI algorithm which does a pretty good job for which it is made. A perfectly leveled horizon even when the filming is being done on an uneven surface (or on a skateboard). The joystick on the gimbal makes it easy to pan smoothly and tilt up or down. However, the pan is limited in its movement to about 180 or so degrees while the tilt movement is also a bit less than it could be. DJI Osmo Mobile 5 price in Pakistan is around Rs. 35000.

DJI Osmo mobile 4 weighed at 391 gm while Osmo 5 docked around 100 gm and brought the current weight to 295 gm. The craze of selfie sticks has reached DJI as they have added an extendable stick feature in the gimbal which gives an extension of 21.5 cm for a more convenient wide-angle recording or group photo.

2450mAh in DJI Osmo mobile 4 to a depressing 1000mAh battery in DJI OM 5 which means the usage time has gone down to about 6 hours from 15 hours, a loss of 59% battery capacity, a blow to the frequent user but still the 6 hour battery time is good enough for the average user. The advantage here is the quick charge (about 90 minutes for a full charge) due to the smaller battery size. The USB-C cable is the mode of charging.

Newbies who are experiencing the power of gimbal for the first time can use the aid of shotguide which offers tips and tricks while filming and editing. The shotguide uses AI to detect what type of location you are filming in and offer suggestions accordingly. This is going to be helpful in producing attractive imagery. The gimbal is pretty good for filming stuff where movement is not too quick like when hiking on a trail, at the beach, or strolling in the market, but when it is skating or surfing it feels like the machinery inside the gimbal is working overtime to keep up with the pace of action.

The upgraded Activetrack 4.0 is slightly more reliable than its predecessor, once you have targeted a subject via viewfinder the activetrack stays locked on it unless it is too fast for the system to stay on it. It effectively keeps track of the subject at a speed of about 5m/s. Overall the work has improved but there still is room for improvement in this department.

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