Why Buying DJI OSMO Action Is a Wiser Decision

Feb 16, 2023

BnW Collections is the only place to find DJI OSMO action price in Pakistan. This new release from DJI helps you achieve your true potential. Capture the beauty around you without worrying about how fast or slow you are moving. This 4k Action camera goes where you go. Comes with all the essential features to take your photography to the next level. Be where you want to be without worrying about camera breaking, shaking, or water destroying your footage.
After the release of DJI OSMO pocket, the news was circulating that DJI is going after GoPro with their new Camera. They went extremely identical by releasing DJI OSMO Action. It’s a waterproof, sports camera that doesn’t require a Gimbel for stabilization. At first look, you may say it is similar to a GoPro, but there is more than meets the eye. It has features that make it one of a kind.


Let's get one thing straight; this is not the first time DJI OSMO has installed stabilization inside the Camera. They have stable tiny cameras in their drones. Their new technology known as "Rocksteady" was introduced after successfully launching many drones with stable cameras. What they wanted to achieve with their first launch, it is safe to say they have achieved it successfully.
Rocksteady combines new EIS and a complex algorithm to deliver stable, shake-free footage no matter the terrain. It works in all 16:9 modes, and filters all jitters you get from running and walking. The stabilization works in all standard modes with a crop factor of 18-20%. You can enable rocksteady in all modes except hyper-lapse, slow motion, and time-lapse.


DJI OSMO Price in Pakistan is reasonable because of the 4k mode and stabilization. Although, people barely shoot HD footage because of the file size. But as computers and the internet are becoming faster, 4K cameras are the need of the hour. There are some limitations to the 4K, but it does what it was made to do. With DJI OSMO action, you can shoot in a variety of resolutions, and all come with their frame rates, going up to 60 frames for 4k.
You also get slow-motion options such as 4x or 8x in 720p or 1080p. DJI comes with HDR and manual modes that, according to some experts are better than GoPro’s.  There are restrictions when it comes to footage, hopefully, which they will cover in upcoming products.


Looking at the size, it is obvious that DJI action camera doesn’t have enough buttons. There are only three; power, record, and QS. But they have been creative with the menus with touch screen and setting panel. You can access menus by swiping, from right you get exposure, format, or toggle settings. Swipe left to see images, from top you can move to main setting panel, and from the bottom, you get countdown timer and aspect ratio. 
The menus work smoothly, but touch can be unresponsive if you have wet fingers. You can also customize various settings. The QS button brings shooting modes such as photo, videos, time-lapse, and more. You can create custom modes for QS, which includes 4k shooting and without stabilization. DJI action helps you quickly get to the option you want without goofing on the screen. One area that struggles a bit is voice action. The camera sometimes fails to respond to commands.
Dewarp removes fish eye aspect, but there may be a little cropping involved. It can remove fish-eye from all the frames and resolutions. This is one option that puts the DJI action camera above GoPro. The ISO sensitivity ranges from 100 to 3200, and the burst mode is capable of 3, 5, or 7 frames per second.


No doubt DJI's products have super fine quality, and they perform to their fullest. This OSMO action is no exception; it has responsive buttons and shoots fine quality images. It comes with 1300 mAh changeable battery, which claims up to 90 minutes of photo time. Action cameras are often used for video recording, so the battery time depends on how you use it. Some experts say that DJI’s battery performs better than GoPro in 4K mode.
Looking in the past, DJI’s drone-apps were pretty difficult to operate, but DJI OSMO action has come up with an easy to use application this time. DJI Mimo is much simpler, and you will find everything you need in one place. Some areas of the app may be less fluid, but overall performance and quality is premium. It is safe to say that DJI OSMO price in Pakistan justifies its features.


It may not be wiser to compare DJI OSMO action with GoPro because it just entered the market, and GoPro has gone through a series of changes. But overall it is a good first step taken by DJI. It is safe to say this sports action camera is worth every penny. Some features make it more comfortable, but the similarities to Hero 7 are obvious.
The GoPro is in the market for years, and DJI was wise not to go any more different. It surely beats Hero 7 in some areas but lacks in social features like live streaming and sharing. In return, it offers you better battery life. The real question is, should you buy DJI OSMO action or not? The simple answer is, “you should.”

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