DJI Inspire 2 – Is It Worth Buying Or Not!

Feb 16, 2023

DJI Inspire 1 was amazing as it received a huge response from the photography enthusiasts and veteran videographers. For its amazing features and dynamic functionality, it proved a success masterpiece for the company. After witnessing success with DJI Inspire 1, the company launched DJI Inspire 2 with all the features as in its predecessor, but some extra ones that make it more happening than Inspire 1. This drone is remarkable in many senses as it can do some exclusive things that you cannot expect from other drone models. It seems the new DJI Inspire 2 drone is a dynamic package to all veteran drone users. To make you aware of the specialties and qualities of this product, here we are going to elaborate this machine in detail. Our focus is to give our visitors a real picture about all the newly launched camera products. So, we try to cover all the necessary aspects of DJI Inspire 2 here. 
All set to fly – 
DJI Inspire 2 is the best drone you have ever seen and once you receive, you will find it all set to fly. For first fly, take out all the accessories and items available in the box and check if the flight batteries are perfectly charged. Also check the transmitter batteries to be charged before you set the drone off for fly. Once the charging is done, install the charged flight batteries. You just have to slide them on its place at the back of the device. When the battery will be placed at its right place, you will see a satisfying click on the system. After that, 6 times press its power button and the drone will take off into the gear down landing position to enable camera gimbal installation. Thus, the new DJI Inspire 2 is all set to fly high to give you a better view from the sky. 
Speedier, Higher & Lighter – 
Made of magnesium alloy structure, DJI Inspire 2 is greatly incredible and lightweight. This drone can catch the speed up to 67 mph which is 17 mph upgraded speed from the Inspiron. Though its height limit is actually amazing as it can go higher up to 16,400 feet from the sea level, yet the self-heating batteries of this model make the flying simple and great even if you are shooting in icy climatic conditions. These two batteries feature up to 27 minutes flight time which is quite enough to make few amazing footage or video clips by setting up dual camera. 
Dual Cameras Makes The Fun Double – 
The dual camera set up has that power to capture the inner imagination or creativity of the professional videographers from everywhere. Each camera carries a devoted live feed, allowing the videographer to capture 360-degrees dizzying panoramas by mounting camera on its 3-axis gimbal available to its belly. Moreover, you can have more straight navigational shots through its 2-axis front mounted camera. This drone is mainly designed to be operated with 2 people – a director for capturing some amazing action footage and a pilot who can navigate it appropriately. 
Great Features For Great Movie Creation – 
In addition to dual camera facility, it comes with several amazing features to boost up your imagination and creativity. The most impressive features of Inspire 2 include obstacle avoidance and subject tracking features. Apart from them, it has CineCore 2.0 that enables the users to make 5.2k videos at 4.2Gbps bitrate. The associated image processing new software couples with SSD for powerful data management capabilities. 
More Drone Powers That One Actually Needs – 
For professional cinematographers, the Inspire 2 is a perfect even with its expensive prices because they may use multiple lenses to capture great videos. As the new DJI Inspire 2 accompanies more drone power than one actually needs, it will not be a good product for those who make videos just for passion or not for a professional use because of its hefty price. 
Ins Of DJI Inspire 2 – 
When we talk about good things about DJI Inspire 2, there are several great aspects about which we can talk here. Following are few key aspects that make this product a revolutionary quadcopter of this time. 

  • The great quality of X5S camera
  • Great resolution and depth of 5.2K clean photo quality
  • Integration of Apple ProRes Codec that is too handy
  • The perfect ergonomics makes it a perfect device for professional videographers
  • Enhanced flying stability to feature smooth and flawless shots
  • SSD workflow
  • Up to 25 minutes increased flying time
  • Enhanced flying speed makes it perfect for aerial videography
  • Security features like IMU and redundant batteries
  • Low-light acceptable capabilities
  • Wider angle of viewing
  • Outs Of DJI Inspire 2-

Although, this product is dynamic for profesfsional videographers and cinematographers, yet we cannot ignore some of its drawbacks that may affect your purchase decision. Check out following information about minus points of DJI Inspire 2. 

  • The ProRes color setting usually defaults at “none” and also burns to “bad look” if it is not manually changed.
  • Obstacle avoidance feature ruins the flyby shots because it runs too fast
  • The app DJI Go is greatly crowded, few buttons are very small and have unorganized popups.
  • The picture transmission usually breaks up very fast, at approximately 800 m distance
  • Focusing quality is really bad. As one taps to the auto-focus button, there is no certainty if you will be in focus or not unless the shoot is done.
  • Every next shot comes with an unappealing horizon; however it can easily be fixed later.

Thus it is very much clear that the new DJI Inspire 2 has come up with enhanced ergonomics that is such a wonderful thing to see. Some small features like its remote control to charge a tablet or phone automatically, new automatic landing gear inclusion, dual charging and self-heating batteries are those features that make it easy to use quadcopter than before. Even, it can be operated by single operator and flying this drone is way easier than any other quadcopter available in the market. 
As we discussed some of the drawbacks of DJI Inspire 2, it is expected that soon the company will address those concerns and will give solution to that to make it more happening and perfect for professionals. It is a fact that is comes at a huge price, yet the photography and videography experience that it delivers is truly matchless. 

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