Difference Between Yolobox and Yolobox Pro

Feb 15, 2023

Yololiv is always been renowned for Providing Professional live streaming solutions in simple reliable and innovative ways of live streaming.

Yolobox Pro is the recent version of the Yololiv box. The Yololiv Yolobox is a great device for switching small-scale to camera setups. If you wanted to push the capabilities of the device you could use the USB jack for a third camera. It also has onboard graphics as well as lower thirds.

The little things that people don't think about as much as the ability to the source project. If you have used Yolobox before you must find the Yolobox Pro in Pakistan quite the same, but it does have loads of extensive features

With a ton of capability in just a tablet form factor, now with the Yolobox Pro, Yololiv is offering even more capability. Still in that tablet form factor with the same user interface but a greater CPU, greater Processing, faster speeds, and most importantly the more inputs. So if you are doing a Production of large size but you like being able to mix with toolbox, this would be a great choice.

Apparently for starters, the basic differences between the Yololiv Yolobox and the Yolobox Pro is the ability to bring in three HDMI cameras on the Yolobox Pro versus the two HDMI cameras on the Yolobox. It is a significant difference for any live stream Production.

Three cameras are the sweet spot: the USB port on the top of both Yoloboxes can be used for either an external USB storage device or USB camera source. Users on the yolo liv Yolobox can bring in a third camera using the USB port while users on the Yokobox Pro can use that port as a fourth camera input.

Well, doesn't it seem like both the devices are the same?  They do have some counterparts and variations as well.

Let's discuss some major differences and similarities among them and what is new on the Yolobox Pro.

USB Connectivity

However, what you are comPromising there is the capability to bring in a USB device to record. So you are committed to then using an SD card to record with. When you use the device you can push the Yolobox to three cameras with USB whereas the Yolobox Pro comfortably brings into three HDMI ports.

Usually, those are the higher class; a little bit more broadcast level cameras, and whenever you want to push it to bring in a fourth camera, you can do this.

One of the key differences is how easy it is to hook up with a USB camera live and in just a moment, it will get an analog on the device. It says that in the Yolobox, the USB input may take more than the usual Processing power but that does not mean that you cannot use it.

However, it is going to Process a little bit slower and take a little bit more power from your device. In comparison with Yolobox Pro, the Yolobox does come up very smoothly.


Both devices allow different ways to bring in the inputs. You have a camera input, a GoPro, and a computer all over HDMI. Yolobox Pro shall also have the drone feeding in via USB-C input with another big difference between the two devices. The Yolobox has only one USB-C port for charging, whereas the Yolobox Pro shall have two ports, one for input-output and the other one for charging.


Both units have the same size and for those who are also filming outside, these screens have tremendous brightness. But in comparison with Yolobox, the Yolobox Pro-multi-streaming device has a better screen at 400 NITS. Also, the HDMI out on the Yolobox Pro is now HDCP compliant. So what that means is it can be brought into more Production systems, more devices, and more flexible than the yolobox HDMI out.


In terms of audio mixing, you can observe that it is incredibly easy when you head over to the audio mixer. The Yolobox Pro would have the ability to run audio much faster and smoother than the Yolobox; one is the mic and one is a line-in audio jack. Whereas Yolobox only has one audio input.

Podcasters are also going to love the Yolobo Pro as they already love the Yolobox. It is very popular for video podcasting to feed their soundboard into the yolobix with the 3.5 mm audio jack

Processing Speed

In terms of Processing speed, Yolobox Pro will pick up all of the frames, whereas it is a little chaotic on the Yolobox. It is nice to have a smooth preview within the device. Yolobox is still very robust and quick but it takes little more seconds to Process and that is because of the CPU on the two devices. The Yolobox has a Qualcomm 625 CPU whereas Yolobox Pro now has a Qualcomm 660 CPU.

Yolobox is still great for a lot of Productions but in near future, you can step up with the Yolobox Pro if you want more capabilities.

User Interface

Another great feature for Yololiv Yoloboxes that is true for both is the touch screen control Yolobox UI. This incredible user interface  runs just like a tablet. It means that even if you are a sport or organization or house of worship for education you can have this to a volunteer and they will quickly be able to pick up how to use it.

The Yolobox has a 7 inch LCD display while Yolobox Pro shall come up with 8 inches of LCD display.
Multi-view Made Easy
This is not just with switching cameras; everything you do on this box is very easy to figure out and start moving on.

This tremendous Yolobox Pro also works as both a switcher and a designer for how your stream looks. It also allows you to do custom graphics, pictures and new features with the new user interface.

It also has a really quick and another cool thing within the user interface is the ability to do split view and side by side which are exactly as they sound.

Livestream Platforms

How simple is it to setup the live stream with Yolobox and Yolobox Pro?

This is true for both Yolobox and the Yolobox Pro that they load up the platforms and have the custom RTMP feature that will take you to multiple destinations at one time. Whereas the Yolobox Pro live streaming device can feed to three different destinations simultaneously. So if you wanted to stream on three different platforms you could do so and the Yolobox Pro has the power to do it.

Storage Capacity

Yolobox Pro allows the users to insert an SD card as a video source and for recording purposes with the storage capacity expanded to 128 GB in FAT32 format. The SD card is not just for recording you can also use it to bring a PDF and present presentations.

Network & Battery

No limitation to wired connection any more with Yolobox Pro. The Yolobox Pro-multi-streaming device can support 4G LTE and built-in battery. Yolobox Pro shall come up with the built-in Wi-Fi and you can also insert the sim card to connect to the internet.


The approximate Yolobox price in Pakistan is between 145,000-PKR to 155,000. It makes the Yololiv Yolobox a Product family that can now fit into many different aspects of the Production of different sizes so that it is excited about this. Whereas the Yolobox Pro price in Pakistan falls somewhere between 200,000-220,000 PKR. BnW Collection is an authorized reseller in Pakistan. You will get your Yolobox or Yolobox Pro anywhere in Pakistan from BnW's online store.

Last Verdict

The Yolobox is already a very powerful device. But the Yololiv committed to launch the Yolobox Pro with enhanced features and most of us are excited about the chroma-key capability coming to the Yolobox Pro which is absent from the Yolobox.  
As recorded by the press release Yolobox Pro is an All-in-One video switcher, encoder, streamer, monitor, recorder and audio mixer. Yolobox Pro submitted to come up with enhanced audio interface, bitrate control and adjustments, monitoring without creating a live stream, rescue projects, and various classic templates.

You can use this Yolobox Pro in a studio environment with full chroma key capability on the device. In addition, you will be able to change colors and graphics.

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