Best Microphones for ASMR Videos in 2022

Feb 14, 2023

The following article covers an audio/video recording category called ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response); these recordings focus on creating whispering, tapping, rustling, or chewing sounds. There is no proven science behind the attraction of these sorts of recording, but they are said to have a soothing sensation, causing relaxation in people. The whispers are the most in-demand ASMR on youtube. Some of the ASMR channels have over 1 million subscribers. Since the focus of ASMR is voice recording, there are several brands offering microphones that are an excellent resource for creating ASMR videos. Choosing a condenser microphone is a piece of good advice, especially for the content creators looking to create content for ASMR. The ASMR microphone price ranges from as low as Rs. 10,000 to a high of around Rs. 70,000.

Following are some of the best microphone for ASMR available in the online and physical market:

Zoom H6

Zoom H6 Black is called the ‘most versatile portable recorder’ by the manufacturer. The battery-powered H6 is one of the best portable recorders on the market in the price range of Rs. 55,000 - 65,000. Around 20 hours of recording off-site with just two pairs of AA batteries make the portability claim of the manufacturer true.
The four combo input, interchangeable mic capsules, and six tracks for recording give H6 an edge to adapt to any scene while recording ASMR videos.
The multiple XLR input outlets are handy for the expandability of the recorder in the sense that musical instruments directly connect to the H6; it is versatile, indeed.
The color display is handy in monitoring the input signals via color bars to view audio strength.
Last but not least, Zoom H6 comes with a plastic hard case box which is very convenient to carry the recorder securely instead of stuffing it in the pocket or bag. The bad news- the charging adapter is to be bought separately.

Boya BY- PM500

Live Streaming, podcast, video calls: BOYA PM500 is here for your aid. The USB connection (type-c to type-c for mobiles and type-c to type-a for computers) makes it extremely handy and flexible to use with mobile phones (Except iPhone), iPad, or laptops. A good choice for recording off-site as well as on-site.
The Omni-direction sound capture is an excellent feature when interviewing. PM500 also has the option of cardioid capture, which is suitable for gaming videos and podcasts, making it one of the best microphone for ASMR videos.
One of the biggest problems while recording the audio is listening to what quality sound is recording. The 3.5mm jack on PM500 lets you listen to what you are recording and make adjustments to make the recording sound as good as possible in real-time.


Rode NT 1A looks like the twin of the Rode NT 1 microphone in the physical sense. When it comes to the functionality of NT 1A, it is not a microphone for beginners, especially a beginner ASMR microphone, because it requires phantom power to work. For phantom power, a console must be attached to the microphone and settings adjusted according to the recording that you are making.
NT 1A is a large-diaphragm microphone which makes it excellent for recording vocals. Vocals are essential for ASMR videos, so this is a good fit for ASMR recordings despite being a pricier microphone. Also, the pop filter is of excellent quality having a double mesh with the Rode logo on it - which is a free advertisement for the manufacturer when you are using it in the video recording.

Hollyland Lark 150

Hollyland Lark 150 is one small-sized, three-piece gadget having two transmitters and a receiver that is compact enough to slide in the pocket with its case. The case thankfully acts as the hub, which charges all three components together, just like your ear pods, and it stores the charge in the internal battery as well for the next charge on the go—no need to buy and carry extra batteries anymore now.
The brilliance of Lark 150 is the simplicity of its functionality. The simple user interface is helpful for audio recordings, even for beginners; however, the price tag says otherwise.
Hollyland Lark 150 is suitable for interviews, podcasts, and ASMR recordings; the only setback is the minor noise that is primarily negligible but noticeable when someone focuses heavily to find it.
Like other portable, compact microphone recorders in the market, Lark150 connects with digital cameras, and audio seamlessly gets into the video in the camera. Another similar feature as in other microphones is the separate recording of the audio at a lower dB simultaneously, in case the original track needs to be modified later. Lastly, the wireless receiver works up to a distance of 300 feet with a delay of measly 5milli second latency.

So it all boils down to having a condenser microphone if you aim to record majorly for ASMR. For people looking to buy an ASMR microphone online, several credible sellers are offering good deals in this regard. ASMR is a phenomenon that may not be experienced by everyone on an equal level, but it does have a large following, and the content related to it is growing in cyberspace.

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